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Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues - Mystery Coding Game

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age 4+

Fun, valuable tool to inspire and encourage coding!

As a parent but also as a teacher, Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues, gets my kids excited about coding! With a terrific story line, fun activities like hidden object games and clothing disguises there's everything to love about this app. And lets not forget about Robot Puppy! Through Robot Puppy my kids put their coding skills to work in a fun and familiar context...while also getting Nancy out of some pretty sticky situations.
age 3+

Hidden Object/Dress Up Game

This game touts itself as a STEM/girl power game - but forces girls into yet another box. Let's dress up and then find objects around different rooms for 75% of the game, and then very quickly program robot puppy before repeating. While they advertise that the game would be fantastic in classrooms, I would never allow the game in mine as their is little to no educational value. There are many other games, even, that allows students to learn real coding at a young age for free. This game would be a waste of time and money. It also unfortunately does not allow my male students to feel included, therefore removing half of my student population. Overall, not an educational or inclusive game. Would not recommend.