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Fruit Nibblers Parent Guide

Fruit Nibblers is a fun game made by Rovio. They make games that are fun for kids and adults. It is a matching game like Juice Cubes and Candy Crush. Fruit Nibblers contains mild cartoon violence. It has scenes with giant boss lizards hopping onto the board and people have to make the Nibblers team beat up, stun and kill the lizards. Some threats and violent jokes are made about eating the Nibblers team. Sometimes people have to save the "helpless fish" and get them to the water. A big X is shown on each eye area after someone defeats a boss lizard in a boss level. It makes it easy for a kid to imply that he/she is dead. Someone can use a "smash crab" to smash a lizard. The same thing is possible with an "octo strike". The only difference is that you can swipe him in a direction of a lizard to kill it or stun it. There are also smaller lizards in the game. People can use fruit to stun most lizards until they disappear. Kids might imply that the lizard died after that moment. Stars are shown sometimes. They circle around over a lizard's head when it gets stunned. Fire and ice are sometimes thrown at the Nibblers team. Big lizards smash some members of the Nibblers team. Some of the members of the Nibblers team are gripped violently by a fishing hook that small lizards use. There are frightening and intense scenes for young children and scenes that might make kids think that it is okay to be violent and the enjoyment of being violent might make young kids think that it is okay to be violent. Love stuff is in the game too. There is no sexual content. There are only small clues that prove that Coral and Octo are in love such as him calling her "Babe" in the achievements bar and there is proof that he is talking to Coral. There are Facebook buttons. Some kids that don't know better might go onto Facebook or sneaky ones might sneak in. There are in-app digital purchases available.

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