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Top-notch photo app crams in functionality; some iffy stuff.
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Adult Written byMicky R. June 8, 2018

Picsart is infested with nudity and porn

Please do not let your children create a Picsart account. You can let them use the actual photo editor, but do not let them participate in the social part of the app. There are a lot of people on there posting actual pictures of themselves nude and desperate horny men that want to comment on every selfie you post.

I have been using Picsart for years, and it really is a superior editing app. It has many great features and the possibilities are unlimited really. Picsart used to just be an editor without the social part to it. Now that you can create an account, upload your art/pictures, view other's photos/edits/art, enter into contests to show off your talent and interact with people, some of these adults are not using it properly. I have started following other artists on there, as they inspire me and have some crazy cool art, not all of them are like this, but a lot of them are posting dirty pictures of themselves and basically misusing this app and using it as more of a porn/dating site. I have seen countless women posting pictures of their boobs, vaginas and bottoms for men to ogle at. I have seen men do the same. I have witnessed married people cheating. Like for example, some pictures will be of them and their family, and then they will pop in a nude picture of themselves here and there and there will be someone that comments or likes that nude picture and if you click on that person's account that married person is all over their photos and they are basically posting nude pictures for them to see in return etc. Its NOT kid friendly. Yes, you can block these users, but there are HUNDREDS of them on there. Yes, you can report their pages, but when you report it, Picsart doesn't take it downimmediately, it still stays, and a message pops up on your screen that just thanks you for reporting it and they will investigate it when they get around to it basically. I've reported people and checked on it a week later, and their account was still up and running with more nude photos posted. And when they do actually shut that page down, they just make a new account. Its pointless!!

If your a girl and you post a selfie you edited to show everyone your skills, there will be tons of men that will comment and say how beautiful you are, even ask you to follow them on whatever site or even post their email addresses! Just totally desperate to talk to you. And it doeant matter if they see that you are a married woman either! They will post hearts and flowers and basically beg to video chat with you!! And the same goes for men too!! Me and my husband both have an account and there are women on there that are following him, and their accounts have all these nude photos of them and some picture will say their Instagram account name or an email address etc, and they will comment on his pictures and just totally disregard the fact that he is a married man.

It's really unfortunate because I would love to interact with other fellow artists and join contests but it's basically impossible to weed out the sluts and horny desperate men on there! And the contests are bogus! It seems like the only people that even win the contests are women showing off their goodies or you have to be really good looking.

So it is definitely NOT FAMILY, MARRIAGE OR KID FRIENDLY. My advice if you really want to use it is use the editor but not the social part of Picsart. It's too innapropriate!

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Adult Written byNancyMA July 11, 2019

Not what it seems

My 12 year daughter asked if she could have this photo editing app and it appeared harmless. I didn't realize that there is a social network on here. She had an "internet bestie" that created a fan page for her with over 800 followers without us knowing about it. We have no idea who this person is, but since she isn't allowed to have social media we deleted it. Thank goodness nothing terrible happened, but this seems like a dangerous place where predators could lurk. We constantly monitor her phone activity, but this slipped under the radar as it is not advertised for it's social networking.

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Adult Written byJoshuabbean June 22, 2019

Pics art is good for kids.

Adult Written byim_n_luv3 April 26, 2019


So I originally was using the free app to edit photos. It popped up to try a $2.99 trial in order to use an edit that I wanted to use. I signed up for it because I wanted the edit. Less than 30 days the GOLD memebership for $47.99 comes out of my bank account. I contact my bank, file a dispute and get the money back.

1 month later another $47.99 comes out of my account. I contact picsart literally the moment it comes out of my account. They REFUSE to give me my money. I read on a review that as long as it's within 72 hours I can get a reimbursement. She said she is unable to give me my money back and that I have access to the gold memebership for 30 days but can cancel so the next month does not come out. I do not even use this application. I've used it twice in 2 months and am out $50 (would be $100 if my bank didn't give it to me). Their policy is once you sign up you cannot get a refund, you can only cancel for the following month.

If you are unfamiliar with your google account like myself, then this can happen to you as well. You have to go into your google account, cancel the membership (that I was unaware was even on there) or else they will sign you up for the gold membership. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this app. Their policy is BS and is not considerate of their customers AT ALL!!

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Adult Written byMountainlover801 March 31, 2019

They trick you!

After trying a 3 day trial period, this app charged me for a full year subscription of $60! I thought it would be $7.99 for a month, as there were no options to choose from. They have shady business tactics. Beware!!

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Parent Written byIzkoris E. February 7, 2017

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