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age 4+

Fun merge game with lots of cute characters.

I wanted to try this app out because one of my children asked if they could play it. Now, it’s one of my most played apps. It took me about a week to figure out the ins and out of the game, but there is a brief tutorial to get you going, when you first start the app. There are help hints throughout if you don’t know how to obtain certain rewards. I would say this app could be enjoyable for anyone ages 8 and up, but it’s safe for all ages. There is a slight social aspect, but no ways to communicate or give any personal information, except the name you give yourself in the game. The characters are cute and not violent or scary. Optionally can connect to Apple Watch or Fitbit to earn in-game currency in exchange for accumulated steps, which is a fun way to get people walking. In-app purchases are available but not necessary to play every aspect of the app.

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