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This is probably one of the better friend making apps ive seen.

I just got this app not to long ago, and I've already made a few decent friends, and I know they're really people by Snapchat and what not. I think this is a really good app, because you can filter a lot which i really like. Sure there might be some creeps, but in my few days of using this app, I haven't come across any. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to make friends,

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Easy to play/use
age 17+

I notice lots of kids and glitches

I'd like to say this is an app where you can match with anyone with a common interest.. So a 40+ year old man can DM a 12 year old. I get 12 -15 year olds wanting friends but not being aware who they are talking too. It's a pedophile play ground IMO. I was on site like this underage and I wish someone stoped me. They aren't your friend's. People lie and do everyday.

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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking