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age 18+

i don't like it, because its full of perverts and a 40+ could talk to lets stay a 12 year old.

i think families should not let your kids use this, anyone could talk to anyone. a pervert could convises a 12 year old to meet up with them and kidnap them. but i do say its a good app to meet new people. if i had kids i won't let my kids use this app.

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Easy to play/use
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 13+

Good and safe way to make new friends

I’ve made a few new friends from this app, and it’s pretty cool.. not many people reply and it’s kinda hard communicating with people from different areas because of time zones.. but it’s very easy to add new people, I just think it should be left for older kids, and not young ones considering you’re talking to strangers online. But if your parents know, it should be fine because there’s no one bad on there that I’ve met within 2 months of owning the app, and everyone seems to be really nice.. and if anything happens, there’s always the block button.

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Easy to play/use
age 10+

It’s just boring

This is a fine app and the idea is really good, that’s why I got it in the the first place. But in general I feel like the reason why this is for 10+ is because not a lot of people I reached out to responded and when they did it was either hard for them to get back to me because of time difference or they just were every unenthusiastic. And overall only a few people responded. Given I was not in the App for long but I just think that goes to show how little a parent should be worried about anything strange or inappropriate going on in the app. A ten year old could easily navigated there way through this unproblematic app. It’s easy to use and I feel like it could be great exposure.

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Easy to play/use