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Parent Written byWordLover February 23, 2012

My kids love this app. I give it 5 Stars.

My kids are crazy about this app. This is the first time I've been able to get my teenagers interested in learning vocabulary. They love that the vocab rhymes are funny and they love the character voices. I like the mnemonics because they make sense and make words easy to remember. The app is very easy to use and is a great teaching tool. One thing that's really unique is that when you take a test, if you get a question wrong a button pops up that teaches you the word you should have picked. I recommend this app very highly.
Parent Written byReaderMum February 25, 2012

My Kids Love This Vocab App Because it Makes Them Laugh

I have three kids using this app: 13, 15, and 17. They all like it--especially my 13-year-old who likes to keep up with the other two. They like that the words are taught with rhyme, and that there is a lot of sarcastic humor in there. I love that the pronunciations are given, that the words are used in context, and that there is an audio option that lets the kids hear all the poems read for them. This is especially great for my younger two who are very strong audio learners. Also, there is a memory clue after every poem, and that's been a huge help. I ask the kids what the words mean and they often refer to the memory clues like, "We revere Paul Revere," and "Monday feels Mundane." Other apps I've found just give the definitions, but this one is much more of a learning tool. There are occasional mentions of edgy things like smoking, but I find that the references are critical, as in the poem for the word, "jocular," where it says, "Jocular people mock and make jokes. I feel jocular whenever I see people smoke. That is if I don't feel like whacking their heads; nothing funny about taking the fast track to dead." I really suggest that you try this app. I hope that there are more words coming soon for this app because my kids are tearing through the first 350. Great website, Common sense media. Thanks!
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