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sendit - get it now

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age 11+

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age 11+

Playground for bullies

My daughter is being bullied in school and has had threatening messages on send it, option to pay to see who sent it £8.49 weekly what a complete rip off it only gives you a hint. I gave my permission for her to have it and we have had some fun with it but it gives bullies a free reign as it gives them anonymity
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age 11+
Very fun add-on for snapchat for my kids to use! Goofy games like This-or-that or just Q&A’s.

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Easy to play/use
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age 18+

Horrible app that enables anonymous bullying

Horrible app. Not surprisingly, is being exploited by bullies to say horrible things to other kids anonymously. Then charging kids to find out who is saying those horrible things! What psychopath came up with this awful idea?
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age 9+

This send it app is very fun for my children. They enjoy answering questions from their friends and have a awesome time reading them too.

I don’t understand why this app is 17+ but after a little research I let my 10 year old son have it. He loves this app and enjoys reading the questions.
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age 8+

perverts could talk to your kids if there story is on everyone.

It's okay for kids But if your story is on everyone anyone like older 55+ people could text them

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Easy to play/use
Too much violence
age 12+

Great App

Great app to See fi you have friends and you can guess who your friends are then u can pay or watch a ad to see who it is

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Easy to play/use
age 10+
I don't know what on earth these other parents are talking about but no! This is 100% not true. My kids use this app and they get great questions and not any personal questions! The app can decide whether only friends are allowed to view your snapchat story, otherwise they can make it public!