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Slender-Man, slender plot, and not even paper-thin fun.
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Adult Written byMcLennon August 16, 2015

Use common sense!

I saw these other reviews saying "My 10 year old boy who has anxiety can't sleep with the lights off now!". Well, DON'T LET YOUR 10 YEAR OLD KID PLAY THIS GAME! Common sense! Just see if your kid is old enough to handle it. Some kids are pretty mature. Others aren't. If your kid gets scared easily, or is like 7 THEN DON'T LET THEM PLAY THE GAME! Just saying, okay? And if you know your kid has anxiety, then once again DON'T LET THEM PLAY IT. That's stupid!
Adult Written bytorturedbythecia July 23, 2013

Very Scary but you've misinformation on Slender Source

This is one of the scariest games I've played. I would not recommend it for children who are easily emotionally moved by games. The game doesn't really have anything inappropriate about it. Some people here say Slenderman kills you, but when Slenderman shows up, if you look at him, your screen starts going fuzzy at a faster rate depending on how close he is to you and you eventually lose if your screen reaches full static. He is not supposed to kill you in this, the idea is that he drives you insane and the level of static is an indication of how "insane" you are. It is a very creepy game because he teleports around and always teleports to a position out of sight and you look at him which starts the "going insane" part.

The myth behind "slenderman" is a little misleading. Yes, the idea is he kidnaps kids. It was something they came up with on some forums one day when they were holding a contest to fake "paranormal" photographs. One guy came up with the idea of "slenderman" and started editing in a very tall man wearing a suit who seems to either have a fully white head or wears a full white hood. People really liked this idea.

It is probably disturbing to some degree to talk to children about kidnapping or otherwise, but any responsible parent will teach them these are real threats you face in the world as well. We told children fairy tales about witches in candy houses who bake children and eat them so I'm not sure Slenderman is any worse of a myth than has been told to children for centuries. These fairy tales have served to both keep children safe by creating ways for them to understand adult dangers in a censored context (I.E. if you don't want to tell your children about risk of child predators and what that specifically means, you tell them about witches that eat kids and to, therefore, stay away from people you don't know).

Nevertheless, this game is extremely scary for me and I'm 29. There are other games I wouldn't let children touch that some parents wouldn't hesitate on but would be fine with a late elementary school/jr. high child playing this.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 1, 9, and 12-year-old Written bypepperdog October 7, 2012

Parents check this game before you allow access

It has been written here in a review that this game is just a pointless waste of time and I would agree, however for my 10 year old it was much more insidious than that. I disagree with the statement that it isn't suspenseful, my 10 year old son found it very frightening and suffered nightmares after playing this game. Some of his friends love it and don't have an issue but others really did.
Parent of a 10-year-old Written byjaylacooper August 12, 2019

for older kids too scary for younger kids

lots of scary scenes

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byGreg C. December 29, 2016

Pointless but also very scary

Let me just say this is a great game, in fact one of my favorites. But it is pretty pointless to some degree. I think that people are (especially critics) are very harsh on this game because it is repetitive, which it is. It can also be very frustrating because you have no way to fight any of Slendys zombie like minions. And believe me it gets annoying when they get you because you have to start the level over again which is one reason why this game is repetitive. But never underestimate Slender man because he is one scary dude. He comes out of know where (as do his minions) and it is just so scary when that happens and another thing to note is that this game is very scary and that is why I put the age rating so high because it scared the sh** out of me at times! The last thing I well leave with is well the story is actually really good but you kind of have to paste it together off of notes and simmingly random items you pick up along the way. Oh and one last thing Slender man's minions are pretty freaky looking but not over the top freaky.
Adult Written byjacob a February 25, 2015

A good kid thriller game!

Not bad at all! All it has is a tall man with a white face killing you, but no bad words,gore, or any of that stuff.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byPetethered November 22, 2013

Slender man

This game seriously scared my 12 year old son. He would not be in the house on his own and would only sleep with the light on. Things are getting better weeks after but still sleeps with a bedside light.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 6 and 16-year-old Written byslendyman November 1, 2013

Not the slender that I remember

The I-pod version of this game sucked badly. There is still tensing up moments but other wise horrible. Who would find this game scary when you hold it in your hand. The computer way better

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byTAVVG April 8, 2013

Children are very afraid of Slender Man

Please, please do not let your children play or watch another person play this game. I teach coping skills to 7to 12 year old children that have anxiety and depression. In anxiety ratings many children list Slender Man as something they are very afraid of!

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent Written byMorpheus'Papa October 23, 2012

Watch what you feed your children...

Not a good game for younger children. The plot material is more adult and sinister in nature than need be for kids under 14.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness