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Adult Written byVicki Mit April 11, 2019

Excellent after-school math support

Smartick is great for both my children - one who loves math and one who dreads it. It was always a struggle getting the math-hater to do her homework and to get over her math anxiety but this has greatly improved her ability and she does her sessions without me having to ask!
Adult Written byBerta Vega April 11, 2019

Great to avoid frustration with Maths

My son and daughter have been doing Smartick for three years. We know that is not cheap but, on the other hand, we see it as a long term investment: they feel so confident with Maths at school that we know that they aren´t going to need any tutor. Furthermore, it encourages them to get good habits and grit for 15 minutes a day. It is not learning by playing (I don´t believe in that) but it adjusts perfectly to the exact level they need.

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Adult Written byJ.Yang April 11, 2019

Two happy sons so far!

Both my sons work on this program (4 and 8 years old) and I really see the difference of how it works for each of them. It took a few days for my youngest to get used to the program (it's his first time really working with a tablet) but it didn't take long. Now he doesn't want my help. My oldest is a bit behind in school and think that he's filling in what he's missing. He also looks forward to the coding sessions too! We've been at it for almost a month and curious to see how we keep progressing.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byStephanie Min March 19, 2019

Easy and fun to use

My son looks forward to doing his session every day on his tablet. It is much more convenient for me as well, given that I do not have to take him to an in-person tutor that is usually the same, if not more expensive, price. We try to limit screen time with the computer and tablet at home, so Smartick's short but engaging 15-minute sessions are great for us. They also are perfect for my child as he can't focus for very long.

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Adult Written byGema Diaz April 3, 2020

Fantastic app

We’ve been using this app for 2 years and couldn’t be happier with it. My boy enjoys doing his maths and it’s never seen as a chore. He’s so far ahead of what he’s doing at school it’s really unbelievable (he doesn’t even think he does maths at school yet as all they do is add numbers from 1 to 10, circling the biggest quantity and other very basic stuff. in smartick he’s adding with carrying and doing fractions and multiplications. He’s in first class, 7 years old!)

Sure, it’s a bit pricey but so worth it. And look, it you were paying for after school classes it would be more expensive. Also, if you want a 25% discount off your first subscription you can use this code: SYDNA8C36491

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Ease of Play
Adult Written bySopheapyoung July 18, 2019
Adult Written byfranpss June 3, 2019

Highly receptive customer support, great adaptability.

I love the adaptability engrained in Smartick's platform! Smartick's customer support is so personable and helpful, Katrina and Carmela are the best; I was worried it would be difficult to explain myself in English but their customer support handles multiple languages. The portal was a little bit confusing at first with the language settings, so upon calling the offices and explaining the situation, I waited for a couple of minutes - to my surprise the issue was handled immediately.

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Adult Written byaostensv November 4, 2018

Needs a different pricing model

Decent content, but the program limits the child to 15mins a day. This is frustrating as we need more flexibility than that. It is commercially astute, as without the possibility to speed up, nor to simply catch up a lost day, it prolongs the ‘rental’ period and hence increases their fees. They argue the 15min limitation is for optimal learning, but really its just to optimize cash flow. On top of that, the regular fee is not cheap to begin with.

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Adult Written byRopey1978 February 4, 2018

Wonderful maths program

This program is fantastic. My daughter has been using it for three weeks and her confidence with Maths is developing well. She is beginning to recall basic facts (such as 7+7=14). We had tried drill worksheets but completing them was torturous! Smartick provided the daily practise without the complaints. Highly recommended. If you purchase annually the cost is quite reasonable, especially in comparison to tutoring/Kumon expenses. As well as the daily session there are great games to further develop skills.

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Ease of Play
Parent of a 7 and 13-year-old Written byFredric W. January 9, 2018

Too Expensive and Too Limiting

My 7-year-old loves this software, and I like the concept, but I am less enthusiastic about the way it is sold. It limits a student to one 15-minute lesson a day. So in a normal month of 4.3 weeks you might get 22 x 1/4 = 5.5 hours of instruction at a price of $35 or $6.36 per hour of use. To me, this is a ridiculous price, and the limitations means when a student is fascinated by math, he can't access it. I like intense focus when a child is interested, but this blocks it. Too expensive and too limiting.