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Powerful karaoke features, questionable social network.
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Adult Written byCommon-Sense-Mom November 4, 2019

Dangerous for youth

Please supervise your kids when they download new apps. Public exposure and connecting with strangers on the web isn't safe, which is what's happening in this app.

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byCaring parent 77 July 27, 2019

Don’t let your kid download the app

We had an incident where a man revealed himself to young girls. Kids can live stream. We have rules about anything that live streams, and connecting with strangers. But, they had a lapse in judgement, and an oversight by me. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to report the user.

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Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written bygrace80 September 14, 2018

Don't try it even free trial

I cancelled it after the free trial but they charged money and no refund even no answer even though I sent an e-mail 3 times. worst app
Adult Written byKelly H. November 25, 2018

Great for adults, but too many unattended kids. Not safe!

This app is extremely geared toward socializing which is fine except there is nothing to keep kids no matter how young from live streaming. Yep. I logged in the other night to see a girl maybe 8 -9 years old live streaming. Anyone can join to sing with them, make comments, record it, it’s very open. I actually said in chat your parents should be supervising so,she kicked and banned me.
Naturally, kids think they are safe. But I know if I wanted to a hunting ground this app, sadly is a good one. You can even make the live streaming rooms private after joining. Scenarios where adults come into the “room” and then it is made private, the adult talking the child into all kinds of things on camera or taking the, into giving home Address, their school. The possibilities are endless. So parents , it’s left up to you when you give a child a tablet to know what they are doing. The app doesn’t have parental controls. Limits are up to parents or guardians.
Someone said your free trial expires. There is no trial it’s free period. It’s a free app and every feature is avail. to non VIP users except the ability to start a duet. As long as you join others or join invites you would not have to pay ever. Also I think there are 2 or 3 voice enhanments unavailable to non VIP members. But, that’s another attraction to kids. They can jump in with their headset and not pay a penny. As for anonymity it’s easy to create accounts with almost no information. That benefits the predators.
It’s a real shame because this app provides so much enjoyment for those who just want to sing with people have some fun and forget their troubles for a while.
But lately as I say there are many many very young kids I’m assuming with no supervision. I actually see adults following some of these young kids who are literally there playing and not even singing. Why are they friending these kids? They can’t duet? That’s suspicious.
Anyway, parent be warned, it’s a great app, but it’s not for kids. They will ask for it but the on,y safe way to use it is if you are supervising.

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Ease of Play
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byCarrieB123 May 26, 2021

So much fun for our family!

I discovered Smule during lockdown and found it be a super fun activity to do with my kids (8, 6). We sing Disney duets together and even invited grandma in another state to join our performance of Amazing Grace. Some people complain about cost but I'd compare this more to the cost of a console game (but Smule has more features) or what you'd pay for a night out at a karaoke place. There's a massive song selection for the family and fun face effects. The kids feel like we're making a real music video together. We save everything privately and don't share publicly. Like any other social media platform out there - I don't let my kids use the app without my supervision so I rated it 13+ but it's great for younger kids to use with supervision.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byMainReviewer April 24, 2021

Too expensive

I’m extremely disappointed in this app. I don’t sing but I have family that does. I’m a truck driver and wanted to listen to my family sing as I drive during the night. Because I won’t pay $20 bucks after the 7 day trial period and then $40 a month, I can’t listen to the whole songs, just little snippets. Smule has gotten extremely greedy!! It’s not worth all that money. It’s just a little more convenient when a person want to karaoke than other ways. Smule is making a ton of money!! So dissatisfied!!!

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Adult Written byAustin1234 July 8, 2019

Billing was ridiculous to stop

Would not recommend due to the automatic billing. Very difficult to turn off, then when it automatically renewed, was not able to get a refund. $200 later, I hopefully got it turned off had only signed up for a trial. Will not use again even though I’m paid through 2020. Total rip off and not worth the cost.