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Adult Written byalexisl September 23, 2015

A big let down

I can't tell you how many times I have had something ridiculous go wrong on this app, and on their website. Sometimes you get kicked off the website midstudy because there are too many people on. That's happened at least three times DURING THE SUMMER! I can't imagine what would account for such high volume of usage during those months. Then on multiple devices the spacebar wouldn't work for about three days! What am I supposed to do with that? I liked StudyBlue when I first got it and if they were more consistent I'd probably continue to use their services. But I can say that after this exam I'm going to find a different service for my studying needs.
Adult Written bycelysen November 17, 2013

Very good for study purposes

I just started using this app last month. You do have to create your own lists, but that's not hard. Not only is it an app, it is also a website that you can use to create the flashcards as well. I use the website to create and the app to study. Sometimes I use the website to study as well, it just depends where I'm at. I think this is a great way to study.
Adult Written byRobM 1 December 24, 2014

edit function not working

edit function not working on mobile app -- site not too user-friendly for feedback -- what does this tell you? + too expensive
Adult Written byRenee B. September 22, 2016

BEWARE! StudyBlue is a "semesterly" SUBSCRIPTION that is NON REFUNDABLE

BEWARE! StudyBlue is a "semesterly" SUBSCRIPTION, you will be charged twice per year unless you cancel your subscription. And it's NON REFUNDABLE!--They will NOT issue refunds. Also, it is way TOO expensive for what it is. C'mon, really?! $60 each semester?! As if textbooks aren't already a big enough ripoff. Now this. UGH.
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Safety and privacy concerns
Adult Written byWayne P. September 3, 2016

Not worth the hassle...

Didn't work like they promised because its not updated fast enough and not relevant to this years term. Biggest issue is that try to cancel, I mean really try to cancel and you will be frustrated beyond your imagination. Bad company policies and bad to deal with..
Parent Written bymagip May 10, 2016

Don't waste your time or your money

This is a horrible app...don't bother downloading it. Although if you have a lot of time to waste go ahead...
Adult Written byEva273 September 14, 2015


Company Misleads their customers on textbook material. The claim to have study material related to the book you need but they don't. Its generalized information and has no relationship to the book whatsoever
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Too much consumerism
Safety and privacy concerns