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The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

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This is unquestionably, the BEST beat' em up game on mobile. Very easy to pickup and hard to put down. The game has in app purchases to boost gameplay, but these are fully optional. The game is well made for long time fans, as it features a story mode for each of the original games (kof 94- 2000, 01,02, and maybe 03, coming soon). There are features in which you can play the game competitively in real time, ranking modes. You can summon characters with in game currency known as rubies. There is almost no blood at all, and the combat features some real styles mixed with fantasy moves. Characters can be awakened, level up, etc, And there are some role play features. The grinding process may be long but usually its worth it for the reward. The game features crossovers, previous cross overs were with tekken, WWE, Gintama, and Samurai Shodown, (which also had limited time story mode and other features/modes.)The game isn't locked behind a pay wall as well. Besides tiny glitches (that aren't serious) Netmarble did an amazing job with this game. The only thing is that some female characters show SOME cleavage, but this an okay game to let younger mature teens play.

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