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age 11+
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Adult Written byPanzerMark January 25, 2012


This is just fine for kids 10 and up. I mean, be realistic, they're going to eventually break if you can't let them have something as harmless like this.
Adult Written byolivergamereviews December 14, 2014

The sims freeplay

This is a good game for 9 and up's, I do think this game is sort of kid friendly, This game could be better. I've only been playing this game for a day, And i LOVE it, The time to do things could be better. Overall, I enjoy this game.

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Ease of Play
Parent Written byBraedon P. August 13, 2017

The Sims Freeplay

This is an amazing game and I play it but this game has content that might not be suitable for children 11 and under.This game has sex scenes (WooHoo)its when a SIMM and another Sim appear in bras and underwear and kiss and laugh and moan.This game includes partial nudity(but blurred out)when they use the toilet and you can make your Sims divorce.Alcohol and bar visuals and you make Sims(only adults and teens)drink and it makes them happy.It has some violence such as slapping Sims and kicking trash cans over.Some scary decorations.

PG-13 for sexual content throughout,including some violence and drug use

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byNan1214c April 25, 2016

Impossible Quests

I enjoy playing this but it's next to impossible to complete their quests. Very frustrating.

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Ease of Play
Parent of a 11-year-old Written byStacy Bredrick November 28, 2014

Fine For Ages 10+

This game is completely harmless. Yes, you can see them going to the bathroom and having sex, although it is referred to as Woo Hoo in the game, but it is blurred out. It is find for 10+ and gives kids a sense about what life is like.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byWiltshire Brit June 5, 2012

Comment from Wiltshire Brit Mum

If your child finds out that you can buy extra money and "life points" online, this can be a problem as it's very time-consuming to "earn" enough to purchase rabbits, dogs and household luxuries. Otherwise, good fun and helps to teach some of the basic necessities of life (food, shelter, sleep, cleanliness, etc)
Adult Written byawrad9 March 28, 2020
Adult Written byVALENCIA BOUVAY February 13, 2020

Teenage jobs

I think the teenage on freeplay need a job
Adult Written byNicki minaji October 27, 2019

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Parent of a 10, 11, 14, and 15-year-old Written byAnthonyHhuges July 3, 2019
Adult Written byCerbian K March 20, 2019

Fun game, but...

The amount of pop-up ads is utterly ridiculous and infuriating. Now I can't collect revenue or plant vegetables without an ad popping up. I know you get a reward for watching but my God, it's too much. This is the kind of thing that will make me stop playing. Nobody wants to be constantly bombarded with ads!

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Adult Written bySbritton0612 February 26, 2019

Unavoidable and Sexually inappropriate pop up ads

My 9yr old son has been playing this game for a year or so-and now the app has started doing pop-up ads for a sexually inappropriate app. As with all pop-up ads-it’s difficult to close out and impossible to avoid .
Adult Written byellie1205 February 26, 2019

good fun but can be expensive and definitly 10+

a very good game, easy to understand and use.
in the game the goal is to create famalies to live in houses in the town they can have jobs and do fun activities. the kids go to school, there are even babies and a pregnancy option, and pets. the possibilities are endless and great at helping with imagination. plus a family member of mine uses this app to plan house designs she's an interior designer, she uses it as a rough guide but still.
the things to watch out for is the s*x although in the game it is referred to as woohoo! and blurred out or if a bed present underneath the covers although the covers do move up and down. another thing to watch may be the pregnancy of course pregnancy is a beautiful natural thing but for younger users i'd just watch out. another thing to look out for will be the social aspect as players get rewards for having neighbours on facebook and they can visit each others town, its not really a concern unless you don't want your child having facebook. the main concern is the store in the store the player can buy various packs not avalible for free, these often have time limits and are desirable, players can also get extra money and lp's to speed up tasks, the tasks that have a time limit are almost impossible to complete without buying from the store, the store costs real money so don't let your child get your card on the game without permission as once on it is easy to purchase. there are also a few pop up ads advertising the deals in the store for real money. the final concern is there is some alchol being drunk by the sims which is moderate but if your worried.
the general audience for this game, known by my family members group chats etc. is around 11 or 12. but can be much older.
this game is good and fun and easy to understand and the updates are regular so not boring.

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Ease of Play
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written bySouthwoodmedics January 29, 2019
Adult Written byuglykidjoe July 5, 2018


I just started playing this game and honesty in my opion it's boring. It takes WAY to long for your sims to complete tasks. Like 1 hour to 24 hrs seriously? Who is going to sit and wait this long? Not me sorry but I have a life out side the computer cell phone tablet ect......... Honestly maybe it's just me maybe I'm just old school but I miss the old sims games for pc technology just SUCKS now back in my teens games use to be fun now it's just all about money . Sorry but as an adult I'm not going to spend my money on a games just so my character can have different clothing options hair style options more Sim loads and so on as an adult I have responsibilities such as paying bills rent buying dippers milk for my kid and so on I can't a ford to blow money foolishly. All I'm saying is that I just wish games where like they use to be . Go to a store go to electronics department see your game you want like buy it take it home put it into computer and start playing BAM! Done but this ? Ain't no body got time for that
Adult Written byerinf7 December 9, 2017

A simpler version of 'The Sims' computer games

This app allows players to create and control virtual people—known as "sims"—on their phone. Play is generally easy, with lots of different opportunities for the sims. Players can have their sims go to work, make friends (or enemies), fall in love (with both straight and LGBTQ+ options), and even have children together. While the mention of the word "sex" is nonexistent, there is and option for two sims to "woohoo," which is basically a PG way of saying "have sex." (When this happens, the sims woohooing are censored so the player can't see them performing the woohoo.) Sims going to the bathroom are also censored. Not really any drugs or alcohol use, and sims who are mad enough at each other can get in physical fights, from slapping and punching to a full-out brawl (brawls are censored). Sims also can fart in an attempt to be funny, when the player allows.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written bymr S. December 8, 2017

My students needed Megabytes

I think megabytes means something like personal info but other than that it’s fine but there’s some hot girl talk and a love button

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Ease of Play
Privacy & Safety
Parent Written bydiundea m. October 28, 2017

i love this game but why we cant do a store

i think its preety cool to play there games

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Parent Written byAnna N. May 7, 2017

Change of age

I think the game should change their age from 12+ to 9+

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byJake H. April 13, 2017


There is some sex but is called WooHoo and it blures out things like using The toilet,making babies and all that rude stuff. Kids under 8 should not play this game as they will pick up things like sex and poo and stuff and that might rewin their popularity and they could get in to serious trouble but you are the parents and it is up to but please consider my opinion as it may help you and your child .

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Ease of Play