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Parent reviews for The Sims Mobile

Common Sense says

Energy-based life sim makes progress purchase-dependent.
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Parents say

age 12+
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age 10+
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Adult Written byTubacutie August 14, 2018

Woohoo Quest Makes it Not Kid Friendly, Otherwise it's 90% safe

The game just does the day to day living of the people you create. They can hate each other, be friends, or fall in love and get married. They can pick up hobbies, collect stuff, design and decorate their houses. They can have kids, jobs, pets, etc. It is slow moving at the beginning because you don't have any characters to use and not much income to save with. However, there are lots of options as you get leveled up. The quests multiply as you level up to the point where you end up not being able to complete them all. You can also ignore the quests and just play at your own leisure. Real money is encouraged by gameplay. The prices of buildings inflate as you level up and so you are still always saving in game currency for a few days until you have enough for the next building/activity. This can be rectified through spending real money which I will probably never do. I have watched ads for in game prizes, however. Implied Sexual Content: The only issue I have is with the "woohoo" activity. Otherwise it would have been safe for my elementary kiddos. The game implies sexual activity. There is a blur bubble around them if they woohoo in public. If they woohoo near a bed then they get covered by the blankets. The blanket moves because of them underneath and you see hearts coming from the it. Either "woohoo" option still has giggling and sighs of pleasure if you have the sound on. They must fall in love before the woohoo option appears so at least there aren't one night stands. Haha Honestly, I wish there was just a setting to turn off the woohoo option. I would pay for it. The rest of the game is completely kid friendly.

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Ease of Play
Sexy stuff
Adult Written bySouthwoodmedics January 31, 2019

Great for kids

My sons love this game and it teaches the about the real world. The get to get jobs and make money. I love this for my kids and you will to.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byGruntingcoin1192 April 4, 2019

Very Annoying

I don't like how the game tries to get you to use what little tiny bit of simcash they give you. You can barely get any unless you buy it. I can't even believe that I was even able to earn enough simcash out of some pure Miracle to get a third playable Sim. Ever since then I have very little simcash. It keeps trying to get me to buy it because it won't let you purchase any nice clothing. There are very few items that you can buy with simoleons and if they are they cost a Fortune! Like 800, 1200, even 4,000 simoleons! Sure my Sims have a fair amount of clothing, but all the really nice stuff like clothes, jewelry, and hairstyles all cost a ton of either simoleons or Sim cash. . I don't know if I'm going to go back to my game at all because it won't let me unless I choose the option to steal from my boss. I tried before it to go back to the game in this situation and it would continue to come back to the option that I didn't want unless I spend money. I don't like being forced she spend money when I don't want to and then if I don't want to have to choose a shady option. Its seroiusly lame as hell!

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