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Educator and Parent of a 3, 8, 13, and 17 year old Written bybizzibean October 4, 2014

Make it easy for stalkers and pedophiles

Wow. My teenage just told me she met a boy on tinder. After looking into this I completely freaked out. This is UNBELIEVABLE! Location and photos of you all in one place. How frightening is that for a parent of a teenage daughter. This is a stalker and/or pedophile's dream app. Please warn your kids. Watch for this app on your devices. Do not let them download. It's one thing when you are an adult looking for love but it is not for any one under the age of 18.

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Drinking, drugs & smoking
Privacy & safety
Adult Written byhawaiinine9 June 5, 2015


Hi, My daughter was as she called it BORED one day and thought well she is shy and does not really meet fellas at school like she would like and thought maybe she'd go on this site. Within a week she met a boy..he was on it because his friends were and thought he too would give it a try. Next thing you know she and he wanted to meet. Well our whole family said ok but we will meet him, and we will be in the next resturant over while you two have dinner. He's goes to a very good private school, plays sports, parents are educators, very smart, good looking, respectful, going to study in Spain during the Summer and really had all the right moves as far as we were concered about being with our dauther. We asked her how she met him and she said, Tinder. I said hummmmmmmmmmm went on the site and thought ok only one review which was odd...and why? He said he wanted to spend as much time with her as possible until he leaves on his trip. Always being respectful, they continue to snap chat. Long story short he wanted to see her again. We allowed it but again setting strong boundaries, can't go in his car, meet in a central location...all the good things a parent would do in this situation...however....when asked to get more personal...seems he was not available for that. He did not have a Facebook, Instagram or any way for her to really connect other than this very limiting interaction. When he realized that she was a good girl..told her that he had to break it off since he was a Senior and going to Spain soon. I was glad on one hand he told her but honestly I think he was so busy with such a high functioning level that they only way for him to connect was in a superficial way of this hook up. Why else would one go on it. Consequently our daughter is not to go on it anymore and focus on the good old fanshiond smile in the hall at school thing! Prom is not till next year so she does have some time...besides....the days of going to prom have changed so much....anyone can go! I am sad that this site breads this kind of thing at such young ages. They are exposed to so so much these days and as a parent so hard to be on the cutting edge of it all....and with no line leaders...WE ARE THE LINE LEADERS...and the fall out could be just horrible but really how will we know unless it is ten years from now and we look back. Scary times for sure but well..felt compelled to write this and let folks know that the cognitive skills can not possibly master what is available visually at such an early age or even stage!

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Privacy & safety
Educator Written bypeterj3 February 23, 2016

Dangerous app

Tinder is really cool, when you dream to find your sweetheart.. however more often it is used not for such purposes. many partners use this app for cheating, but what is more awful, it can be used by violator, who has dirty plans in mind... Teens became the target of such people and it is scary... thanks god, some internet security apps have created special software, which allows parents to control such dating apps and make sure that everything is fine with their child. We should be really attentive today, everything which brings progress can have some dark sides.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byAh W. July 3, 2017

It wasn't meant to be used by kids, ya dipsticks!

This is an online dating app not a social media thingy for kids, stop trying to make everything appropriate for kids, your secret movie collection you keep in your bedroom isn't good for kids either!

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Ease of play
Adult Written byRohit R. April 4, 2017
Adult Written byJulian W. February 21, 2018

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Privacy & safety
Adult Written bySexotica I. December 28, 2017
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