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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

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age 8+

She likes it, sort of

Searching for age appropriate games for my nine year old girl so she can have her own time and space on the PS5 and not have to play just what her older brother does. Ran across this one on PlayStation Now. Premise is a little corny, but I suppose much of what is age-appropriate at this age would be. She likes puzzles and mysteries which is which is why we landed in this category. We're new to gaming, and I'm realizing that balancing frustration and challenge is a key dynamic that has to be managed well. This one errs a little on the frustrating side when learning the game play. It could stand more obvious places to go get help. Hints do appear but only when the game decides it wants to drop them. Until that happens frustration mounts. I'm glad I was present for her initial introduction to the game, as I was able to offer a few pointers that I could see. However eventually she figured out more of it than I could since she was using the controller and my ability to help diminished. If we play this again, I might join in with a different controller, which may also help her enjoy it more. There is nothing inappropriate for the age, and if she ends up liking it (still an open question). I think this would be a fun game to have in the library.