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WANELO IS STEALING PEOPLES MONEY! Please do not buy from here. They wont respond back to your emails. They are literally stealing your money. You will pay for a product that will never ship and you will never see your money again. Legit fraudulent company!!!
age 18+
I place the order and I don't even see my order in the more and I also don't see where I paid for it and I have I want my refund back like now and they haven't responded to me at all and I need my money ASAP
age 18+

Cheapest quality ever and refuse to honor return policy

False advertising at its finest! Wanelo is a fraudulent company. Neither the products they advertise or their quality guarantee is legit.
age 15+

Complete scam

I never received my order. After sending over 25 emails and getting the same repetitive responses I still haven’t received a refund. Do NOT order from this site.
age 18+


The send wrong sizes and will not fix it. I followed their guild lines of how to exchange due tot heir mistake and I keep getting same email saying “Sorry We can not contact seller” horrible customer service and products! Never again will use this app!!!! I wasted a lot of money!
age 18+

Sent an item not ordered & refuse to refund

Wanelo refuse to refund & its their fault. I was sent jewellery I didn't order and what was sent was from a luxury brand but is obviously a fake. They refuse to refund when they said they would. Then they said they would issue a credit which I don't want as I think this company is a scam, now they refuse to reply to any emails. I am left with an item that looks like it cost $1 to make yet is meant to retail for USD$2500. It is clearly is not the real deal, but why would it be when I paid USD$120? The item and the brand packaging is so fake its insulting. I just want my money back. They can take the item back. I don't want it. This place is a scam.
age 18+

Rip Off

It's easy to use, but don't waste your money. I've shopped on that site before and I've also had a store on that site. The customer service is non-existent, and you'd do better to shop someplace else. Packages take any where from 12 -20 days to arrive. Plan accordingly if you intend on purchasing an item from this site. Also you may or may not receive the product you paid for.

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Dishonest, shady, unethical, unresponsive, irresponsible. Browsers and shoppers beware.
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I ordered an urn necklace for my son'S ashes. The app showed they were billing me a Total of 23.75... However, when the confirmation came in, they showed a bill of 48.52! That's more than Double. I tried to contact them and the number for a "Customer Rep" went to v-mail saying it'S "unavaiable." The refund policy reads simple but, when I checked the Q&A, they'really already making excuses for excessive delays. "We're still setting up our Zen space." How the hell is that an excuse for conning people out of their money? I'll be contacting my attorney in 48 hours to see what I can do about this fraudulent company.

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