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Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus

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age 13+

one of the best warhammer games (especially for mobile)

i liked the tutorial, it's simple and to the point yet it manages to teach you everything you need to know. The combat feels nice, the animations are good and the hits feel like they have weight behind them. The graphics are also rather good for a mobile game. The story manages to be interesting but not obstructive, if you want to read the conversations and know whats happening in the story you can, but if you dont care and just want to get right into the game play its easy to skip. The only thing i can see wrong with it is that the menu is a little confusing, there are alot of different game modes and events and it gets a little difficult to find the one you want to play, but that is a minor issue, its a good game that is still being updated, and i would say its worth a try if you have time to kill.

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