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This is a review for the app Word Mover. Word Mover is an app that allows you to create "found" poetry from a bank of words. Three words that describe Word Mover are educational, fun, and helpful. We think this app is good for ages nine through twelve. We rate this app four-stars. We claim this app is good for use in the classroom. One reason we think it is good is it inspires you create poetry by giving you a bank of words to choose from. Also, if you think of additional words that are not on the list, you can add them in. This helps you practice your typing skills. Lastly, this app helps you learn vocabulary by exposing you to words you may not know. For example, you can select the words from the Gettysburg Address. One drawback to this app is that you may not know all of the words in your word bank. However, you can always look them up in a dictionary. As you can see, there are more good things about this app than bad. For this reason we highly recommend this app. To see a ThingLink interactive image of this review, click here:

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