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It was an enjoyable game, but now its not.

This game is clearly a pay to win. But now Komoney not even trying to hide their greediness. How are in their right mind introducing all these new summoning mechanics and overkill cards on 4000 LP game. I guess their logic is people will keep milking them money. Now, whenever you get a turn one in duel, you most probably will lose because you going to get OTK'ed on turn 2. Unless you have a right card at the right time. The RNG is the worst out there. Brick hands is everywhere, Usually the game will ends below 5 turns. Imagine that. You invest a lot of time and money on one deck, then they release another packs, automatically your deck become obsolete. Then you get OTK'ed on turn 2 because you dont have the latest cards after spending on obsolete decks 2 months before. Really think before you investing any money on these gatcha games. I have to give them credits during early release of this game, I enjoyed the early era on Duel Links and thank you for that. But now the game is just a showdown of which people who have spend their most money in.

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Too much consumerism
age 9+

It's a great game that's more about strategy

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links is a fun game but not so much as a pay 2 win. In the game you can play as your favorite character in any of the Yu-Gi-Oh series and battle your friends and other players online. The game is easy to play if you take the time to learn it as you play there's even tutorials in the game to teach you some interesting techniques. The shop is mostly a place where you can buy cards packs which you can purchased by either using real money or by using gems that are easy to obtain by doing the tutorial challenges, daily logins, weekly challenges, completing quests, even wining in online duels. But really cards are easy to obtain.

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Easy to play/use
age 8+

Card Packs are like Loot Boxes, and they nerf/limit cards (p2w to keep meta)

They come out with card packs to fast with these random like loot box odds. They nerf/limit cards that make decks good to make you to keep spending. Makes the game Pay To Win. With the loot box and pay to win ban floating around i hope it passes to make all games more fair or shutdown. It's sad that these type of games are targeting even kids and need to be changed even with the governments help.

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Too much consumerism