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Are there apps that can help my teen with organization and routines?

There are many apps to help teens with these important skills. To be organized and follow routines, teens need to master certain skills, including some executive function skills. Calendaring apps, visual schedulers, and storyboarding apps can be customized with events and activities from your teen's life. They can help teens keep track of and finish work on time, make plans, wait to speak until they're called on, and even change their minds and make mid-course corrections. (Also check out these morning routine apps for little kids.)

Apps to organize and help with routines for teens:

  • Evernote. Teens can use this visual productivity tool to develop organizational skills as they see how keeping track of information -- everything with a place and everything in its place -- makes learning and living easier.
  • Remember The Milk. This task-organizing app can help all kids who need visual reminders to remember daily tasks.
  • Corkulous. This app allows you to collect, organize, and share your ideas. As teens gather information and organize it, they're making decisions and grouping photos, text, contacts, and more according to their own needs.​
  • Plan it do it Check it Off. This photo-based list maker for nonreaders uses your own photos and recordings to show what you have to do daily.
  • To-Do List, Calendar, Reminders & Tasks. A robust organizer that keeps everything on schedule.
  • Habitica: Gamified Task Manager. Turns habit-building, habit-breaking, and productivity into a gaming experience.
  • Streaks. A habit-promoting, goal-tracking app that challenges users to achieve a "streak" of daily actions by tracking the number of consecutive days completed.

Vicki Windman contributed to this article.

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