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What software is available for children who are visually impaired?

Both the iPad and Android-based tablets offer settings that adjust the devices to make them more accessible to kids with vision challenges. Learn more about accessibility settings.

In addition, software that reads text out loud and types what you say can help kids with visual challenges do homework, write, and connect socially much more independently. Before you download anything extra, check with your child's teacher and school to see which programs they may have already on school computers. Also, check the setting in your writing software program. Microsoft Word, for example, offers accessibility settings, including dictation and text-to-speech.

Try these tools:

ClaroSpeak US. A text-to-speech app that has some unique features, including word highlighting as the text is spoken.

Dragon Dictation. A voice-recognition dictation app that allows users to record and send notes via email, Facebook, Twitter, and SMS and to cut and paste them into other programs.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 12. A very powerful program that can turn dictation into text with typing as fast as 60 words per minute with up to 98 percent accuracy.

JAWS. A downloadable "screen reader" application that can enable a kid with a visual disability or blindness to completely navigate and use almost all programs on a Windows-based computer.

Scan and Read Pro. A downloadable text-to-speech tool that simplifies reading printed text and supports better comprehension.

Voice Dream Reader - Text to Speech. A text-to-speech app that can read content in a variety of voices from a variety of sources.

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