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YouTube Kids Channels That Promote STEM

Fun, engaging videos about science, technology, engineering, and math.

The best way to spark kids' interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is to lean into their innate curiosity. And, of course, to make it fun. These videos feature silly experiments, kid-friendly coding skills, smart problem-solving, and more.

These creator channels, available in the separate YouTube Kids app, were reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical and chosen for their track record of producing well-made videos that promote engaging STEM learning for kids age 5 to 10.

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Earth to Luna (age 5–7)
The world is full of wonder and questions—and science lover Luna is determined to find the answers! Join Luna, her little brother Jupiter (named after the planet, of course), and their pet ferret Clyde on some seriously fun science adventures. From learning how water becomes rain to how banana plants grow without seeds, these videos inspire kids to explore how the world works.

N*Gen TV Africa (age 5–7)
N*Gen (pronounced "engine") is all about learning. The channel's theme-based videos are created by teachers across Africa who design mini lessons on a wide range of subjects, including the solar system, gravity, and humans' digestive tracts. Plus, each video offers mindfulness training and a physical fitness/dance routine to get kids up and moving. Trivia and quizzes cap things off.

Super Sema (age 5–7)
Follow Sema and her twin brother, MB, on their mission to protect their African town of Dunia. Sema loves to explore all things STEAM (that's STEM with "art" thrown in for good measure) and knows the importance of determination, creativity, and problem-solving. This series encourages kids to feel empowered to change the world and be super creators and "technovators."

Maddie Moate (age 5–10)
Maddie Moate invites curious kids along as she asks questions and goes in search of answers. Whether you're wondering about how to 3D-print with recycled trash, harvest your own honey, or even make paper out of elephant poo, Maddie has you covered. This one-stop shop for STEM exploration provides kids with a hands-on deep dive into topics spanning subjects related to animals, plants, travel, and technology.

Science Max (age 5–10)
Ready to super-size your science? Join Phil as he turbocharges science into some really awesome, fun, and BIG experiments, from catapults and earthquakes to hydraulics, magnetic levitation, and so much more. Kids will learn the scientific principles behind the videos' large-scale experiments and will likely be inspired to do some at-home experimenting of their own.

SciShow Kids (age 5–10)
Ever wonder why birds sing, or why wet dogs stink? Welcome to the show that can't get enough of the question "why?" Join regulars Jessi, Mr. Brown, and Squeaks in the fort, where the magic—or rather, science—happens. They conduct research, run experiments, and hear from experts about the topics that make us all ask "why" in our everyday science-filled lives.

Crash Course Kids (age 8–10)
Short on time but big on science? These fast-paced, imaginative learning videos dive deep into the atmosphere and soar high into the solar system to teach science, from biology to astronomy and everything in between. Host Sabrina Cruz asks all the right questions and delivers fascinating answers as she explores and explains the incredible world of science.

GoldieBlox (age 8–10)
GoldieBlox empowers kids to build and dream, from how-to videos about coding to at-home science experiments. The Goldie Squad has adventures with toys, and there are plenty of inspiring videos featuring women working in STEM. The goal is to encourage young viewers to use their creativity and engineering skills to invent and do anything.

MinutePhysics (age 8–10)
Got a minute? That's enough time to learn some fascinating physics! Through simple whiteboard animation, MinutePhysics videos answer a range of physics-related questions. From why December has the longest days to how bikes stay upright and even where galaxies come from, these videos will have you on your way to becoming an expert in 60 seconds.

NASA STEM (age 8–10)
Kids can take science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to new heights with NASA STEM. These videos invite kids to share in NASA's mission to examine Earth, explore space, and improve aeronautics. Experimental DIY missions and tutorials, kid-driven Q&A sessions with NASA experts, and out-of-this-world video lessons immerse viewers in NASA's work to inspire the next generation of explorers.

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