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Adult Written bysusiefloozie April 9, 2008

Good for anyone going through any kind of depression

Adult Written bynick is so hot January 16, 2009

perfect is alsome

perfect is a good book but i will worn you its not for guys. the book is a tiyp of book that talks about how girls my age have some problems but dont let bit go to your head!!!11!!!!@$343
Adult Written bynatalie_jill April 9, 2008

A book every mother and daughter should read

As a teacher and former camp counsellor I find this book to be an accurate portrayl of a very serious and common coming-of-age problem. It presents the story of Isabelle Lee, a thirteen-year-old girl who is dealing with some pretty heavy issues. First of all, her father has died and noone in her house is allowed to talk about it, grieve or move on. Because of this, Isabelle tries to deal with the pain of situation on her own. This leads her to numb the pain with bulimia. Her mother finds out and sends her to group where at frist she is hesitant to open up but soon shares her story with her counsellor, Trish. Also at group, she meets Ahsley Barnum, the so-called perfect girl. Ashley intorduces Isabelle to new wasys of dealing with her eating disorder (laxatives). At first, Isabelle admires Ahsley but she soon learns the truth about her new friend's not-so-perfect life. This book deals with the harsh reality of eating disorders, greiving, peer pressure, sibling rivalry, friendship and body image. Friend presents an accurate and bittersweet portrayl of these issues. Because of the vivid description of bulima I would reccomend that a mother and daughter read and discuss this book together.
Adult Written bydreamgirlmaya April 9, 2008
Educator Written bynicolerf14 May 11, 2014

Entertaining and Emotional Story for Some; Bulimia How-To for Others

Proceed with caution. Tweens and teens may be able to relate to Isabelle's feelings about her father, the family dynamic, or Isabelle's tumultuous friendship with Ashley. However, the descriptions of binging and purging are graphic and could be used as a "how-to" for some. I would recommend viewing the documentary "Someday Melissa" along with this book and discussing the effects of bulimia.
Adult Written bysexyhotchic February 23, 2009

Hot Book

This book is the best that i have read in my 11 years of living!!!!!!!!!! I am serious