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Parent reviews for Red Queen: Book 1

Common Sense says

Action-packed fantasy will grip fans of powerful heroines.
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Parents say

age 13+
Based on 9 reviews

Kids say

age 12+
Based on 67 reviews
Adult Written byinfinity101love March 27, 2015

Very Good

this book is amazing i had to read it though for my children though. Your child must be really mature to read a book like this

This title contains:

Parent Written byahuttoLMS February 1, 2016

For fans of The Selection and The Hunger Games

The world is divided between Reds and Silvers. The Silvers live in and around the palace and seem to have it all, but not for long. A rebellion forms and Mare, a Red, finds herself in the middle of the palace, trying to pretend to be who she is not, under the King's strictest orders. Brothers Prince Maven and Prince Cal both draw her in to their protection and causes. She will have to learn the hard way that no one can be trusted. This book is action packed and full of twists and turns. It is definitely reminiscent of The Selection and The Hunger Games, but just different enough that it will draw readers into the battle for power. There is some mild violence and very sparse uses of hell and at one spot towards the end the b-word. Over all, I think kids as young as 7th grade are ready for this very exciting and action-packed story.
Adult Written byKjbartolotta September 9, 2015

Nothing special.

The title says it all, lots of actions, a slight dystopian setting, and a main character that seems to get by on being sassy and determined with little actual personality. Good for teens that like this sort of thing, and their are plenty of them, but this book does little to distinguish itself. Both the author and the book's publicist seem to be very media-savvy, which helps to make it a hit. Nothing offensive here for younger readers really, though I would stick to 13 and up fairly strictly.
Parent Written byTeresa m. August 29, 2017

Gay characters

This book contains gay characters fpr parents who care about that.
Adult Written bySaffron B. June 2, 2017

No way is this for twelve-year olds.

Few uses of b****. Other than that, I guess there was no swearing. But I would still keep this away from kids that aren't at least fourteen. Some of the violence was a little bit graphic, when they go into detail about the color of the blood. Probably high-schoolers would be able to best understand this book.
Adult Written byRhonda W. March 7, 2018

My heart melted. (I don't get affected by books that much)

Well for starters I cried like a big baby. I loved it soo much I did't want to let go of it. Maven is everything I expected although I didn't think it would be him to do what he did. You need to read this book. It's amazing, and so powerful. It has a little cusing, but I mean come on it's not like people don't hear on a day to day basis.

This title contains:

Educational Value
Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byHM Hues July 14, 2017

It Became A Chore

My sister bought this book and graciously let me read it before she did and let me honestly say, I didn't even finish reading it before I put it down and moved onto another book. After the first chapter, my attention wasn't captured, but having experienced a few books which beginnings can be slow, I pressed on and on and on up until the middle of book and I just couldn't read anymore. I hated not finishing a book, but it became a chore to read and reading should be fun so I just had to stop. It's not necessarily that the plot or story or details were bad, I unfortunately have to admit that it was the way the author wrote about them. From the beginning, I felt the events were moving too fast and that all the circumstances that were falling into place to form the plot were piling up one after the other, making the whole story a hot mess. Not only that, the themes seemed over used. (SPOILER): heroine has a rare power that rises above all else and she joins an alliance to overthrow the oppressing monarchy. It just seemed too typical to catch my eye.
Adult Written byLuzar H. September 9, 2016

It is just Okay

The book is not too graphic in the fight scenes. There is a hint of romance, which is more along the lines of high school crushes. It is a fun read and it keeps you engaged. For young readers the book is good. For adults the book is fine but nowhere near great.
Parent Written byLily R. November 28, 2017

Red Queen in perspective

I believe that this book is not violent and a joy to read. I recently read it with my 13 year old daughter and we felt the book wasn't mature enough for her.

This title contains:

Positive role models