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Better than I was expecting!

This book came out about a year after I finished the Shiver trilogy (which I really enjoyed). It was a little hard to pick up and read Sinner because the series was only supposed to be three books, so I had made my peace with the end of Forever (book 3). I think Maggie S. is a fantastic writer, but I just wasn't expecting much from this book. However, it exceeded my expectations. It was a good choice for Maggie to follow two of the side characters from the previous books. I found them to be both very interesting and complex. Unique, too. The first three Shiver books have a very poetic, haunting, and wintery feel to them, and Sinner did a good job of deviating from that to have it's own style while still feeling like it fit with the series. While the other books have some mature elements, this book had even more. A decent amount of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. The relationship between Cole and Isabel was one of my favorite aspects. Cole's journey in this book was fantastic as well! While I still think I prefer the original trilogy, it was good all the same.

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Too much sex
Too much swearing
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