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The Mime Order: The Bone Season, Book 2

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Wow! A great book but a little stronger language than the first.

Wow that ending! Only reason I didn't rate this as high as the first one is that it just took me so long to get into. That being said, it's still very well written. I love the mystery and slow burning plot. She leaves these very subtle clues for the reader to try and figure out. It's so fun to read and be constantly guessing and thinking about what's going to happen next. Very masterfully done. Paige's character and relationship developments were wonderful. She really blossoms in this book and I'm excited to see how she continues to change throughout the series. I should note that there is a lot more strong language in this than the first one. While Paige herself has pretty clean speech she deals with a lot of gritty characters and I feel like the language added something to their authenticity so it didn't bother me. But it's worth noting for those that are put-off by that sort of thing. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed getting into the gang culture and futuristic London. We really get to experience some more different types of Clairvoyance in this one. The world Shannon has created is so tangible yet fantastical at the same time. Its easy to lose yourself in and I love it. This is setting up to be a powerful, complex series and I am happy to be along for the ride. CONTENT NOTES: Strong language, and use of (fictional) drugs is mentioned by side characters not strong a focus of the story or endorsed by any means.

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