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Co-op apocalyptic action is plagued by mediocrity.
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Teen, 13 years old Written byjledoux April 1, 2020

Great way to play together! Family game 12 and up!

I played this game solo. So don’t get me wrong, it would probably be a 4 or 5 star game with a partner, and the characters even have abilities that work so great together, that it probably has some educational value as far as teamwork. The whole game is basically a Christian history lesson, as it comes from the Bible, but if you are Christian like me, that would make it very predictable. Typical good versus evil struggle, but it’s more like evil versus more evil in a way, as all of the main characters are from Hell save Abbadon, Astarte, (who is really good turned bad) and other angels. However, the game is a struggle for humanity, so that’s an okay message. For violence, it is equally as bloody and gritty as the other games in the Darksiders series, but in order to fit co-op play, it is at an aerial view, making it a bit less violent. The only sex or suggestive content in the game, is a character you can buy upgrades from called Dis that wears a slightly revealing outfit, but doesn’t show anything your know... shouldn’t see. Swearing? CSM clearly never plays through all of the games they rate because they gave that two stars! Strife repeatedly says “sh*t” throughout the game, “hell” and “damn” Strife even makes a very unnecessary pun about a big dam...”son of a bitch,” “pissant,” that’s about it. That being said, Strife is the only one that ever curses though. Consumerism is not even present in the littlest bit, not a single in-game purchase. No drinking or drugs, and I don’t have a problem with privacy concerns, not even a chat. CSM says 14+, but really it’s just a maturity level, not an age, so it’s not that big of a deal. And always remember! Before saying no to game your kid wants, just hear them out! It solves everything!

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