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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

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age 13+

Good strategy game

This was the first Fire Emblem game I ever played, and I must say I love it. However, I only recently discovered a flaw in the programming: due to a translation error the difficulty settings are wrong. "Normal" means hard, "Easy" means normal, and "hard" means insane. The violence is gruesome but not graphic (no blood or gore). The villains are heartless and even kill innocent villagers or their own men (the detail of this action is low). Overall a good strategy game, but keep your kids away until high school.

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Too much violence
age 12+

Like hardcore chess.

The only reason I set the age limit this high is because of the difficult strategy required to make it far in this game. It is like playing an incredibly complex and detailed game of chess, in which the board, pieces, and rules are constantly changing. Its an incredible game though, really entertaining. I love the Fire Emblem games anyway, but the concept of adding the race of people who can change briefly into animals is very interesting. This game is intended for older kids in difficulty level and story line, but there's little in this to make it inappropriate. No language, certainly; everything is very old english sounding and proper. However, there is death; you are trying to kill the enemy using your little army before they kill you, its like a board game of war. No blood, attacks not graphic, but your characters fall in battle (rather than dying, they get injured and you can't use them anymore) but enemy characters do die.

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Educational value
Great messages
Great role models