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Fobia: St. Dinfna Hotel

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Atmospheric Puzzler. Weak Horror.

Relatively lax on violence for the genre. You exclusively fight vaguely humanoid Draugr type enemies with blood splatter. But no elaborate gore. Parasite nests have red meaty fungus/membranes line their halls but its not real gore. Despite the apocalyptic scenario there are minimal signs of carnage or human remains. Stray bloodstains, a couple of lab subjects, and a severed arm is the extent of the gore. There are 2 stabbings in cutscenes but they arent graphic. F words semi-regularly. The game features gorgeous and immersive production value and some creative puzzles (alongside fluff). But it lacks the thrill/intrigue balance that makes Resident Evil click. The game just dumps puzzles upon puzzles (some of which mistake convoluted tedium with cleverness) upon the player with very sporadic and low stakes combat against dull enemies and bosses with sluggish controls and a slightly overgenerous ammo and health pool. Top that with a middling story, corny voice acting, and tepid pacing; youre much better off playing Torment Souls or Cry of Fear instead.