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age 13+

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age 13+

Iffy for young teens.

Guild Wars requires strategy to complete missions and quests, something that children can enjoy. However, children can enjoy the online chat as well. Even though you can censor language through the chat settings, inappropriate language can still get past the filters. (Spaces between letters, symbols representing letters, so on.) The chat box can also be disabled if desired, but if children know how to access the settings, they can switch it back. With the online chat comes danger. I myself have encountered players who ask personal questions. Children should know to ignore these players, block them, and report them. Along with language and privacy in the chat, sexuality is involved too. Almost every single time I've gone online, I'll find an inappropriate comment in chat. I'll go to outposts where other players can gather and find large groups of characters undressed to undergarments and dancing, or in other suggestive poses. There is a little drinking since characters can purchase egg nog and other consumables from traders. If a considerate amount is eaten, the character's vision will be warped - similar to a person's vision after getting drunk. Violence is definitely there, but it isn't bloody or too much that a mature thirteen year old can't handle.

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