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How The Reluctant Hero Was Almost Done Right

What if you looked like a war hero, and found yourself being hauled off to prison because you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? This doppelganger scenario is where you start off in tri-Ace and Sqeenix’s (Square-Enix) latest party-oriented action-RPG. I had no real expectations outside of that. I thoroughly enjoyed Tales of Symphonia and wanted more of the same. What I got was something similar for sure, however differed in some key areas. Tri-Ace certainly has guts, and tried some new mechanics that sometimes worked, and other times proved to be an exercise in frustration. The game played at times more like an interactive movie, with FMV being extremely prevalent. It is well done and fun to watch, but sometimes you wish you could be a little more part of the action outside of the battles. The game does come together to present a very entertaining story and definitely worth playing now that its dropped in price significantly Due to word restrictions, read the full review at: