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Suggestive Content for Kids and a Time Waste for Teens

While this is a cute game, it has suggestive content that isn’t appropriate for kids who haven’t dealt with these issues on an experiential level yet. Also realize that this is a game, not a show. It isn’t a great medium for working though deep concepts and issues with your small child. Furthermore, having set my rating at 14, I don’t think I’d suggest it for that age. Because I think it would be a time waste for kids at that age or even a slightly younger age. It acts like a game that wants to be Daniel Tiger, but falls way short because of a generic design and a lack of plot. I can’t see any educational gain from this game either. All the player does is play “battles” that are absurdly easy and “build relationships” by going to movies, shopping, or other such options that require little to no input from them. In the end, I just don’t this game is worth having.

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Too much consumerism
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age 4+


Positive messages, humor and wholesome RPG gameplay. Miitopia is an awesome and humorous game that promotes teamwork and friendships! (While you battle a boss who steals faces. )Adopt a horse! Go to space! Get jobs in the game that help you and your teammates!Have fun! Only thing is it got an 18+ rating in Russia for LGBTQ+ representation which is dumb. If you want your kids to accept people with all their quirks and not make fun of people in school this is the game!I almost forgot to mention that your mii characters can be given to other users via code to use in their games which is optional but still a privacy issue if you made yourself as a mii.

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Great messages
Great role models
Easy to play/use
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