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Become the monster to battle and explore in dungeon crawler.
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Kid, 11 years old May 19, 2014

All New Dungeon

This game is your typical Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game, just like the others, only you can CHOOSE which Pokemon you want to be and not entering in your personalities like in the previous games, and the other difference is it is not made out of pixels, and is now 3D graphics. Also, a legendary Pokemon named Virizion, and she is very mean to Dunsparce, a Pokemon based off of a snake. Really good game, though.

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Teen, 15 years old Written byMasked Anonymoose June 13, 2013

A rather easygoing game as opposed to the former releases

As a rather avid Pokemon player, I don't really believe this game is all that great. In all honesty this game just doesn't feel like it has any real good values. First off, getting through the dialogue is like trying to eat soup with a knife. It goes rather slow, and isn't too enjoyable whenever any of the main characters reiterate something that's already been said. For example, during one cut-scene, a character literally repeats the same line about five to six times in a semi-humorous manner. I do understand that humor is a good value in gaming, repetition doesn't usually cope so well with most gamers as it does with the minority of gamers. Another problem this game suffers from is the new ability to level up moves. This sounds ingenious on paper, but in reality this makes the characters go from zero to hero within about less than an hour of game time. I'm not kidding, at level 20 my character can actually defeat most enemies in about one hit even if the move I use is ineffective. They really toned down the difficulty too and healing items of all sorts can be found just about anywhere which makes this much more simplistic, and better for the younger audience, but it takes away some of the educational value. All in all, it's an okay game for younger children, but I don't recommend it to any gamers looking for a challenge.

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