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Teen, 13 years old Written byIronRunningAnvil August 23, 2012

Funny and fun, enough said...

This game franchise started with rayman raving rabbids (the end of a good rayman gaming era). And it took off well, with more games that kept being released. If im honest i never like the rabbids series , but this game was different and in a good way. It was funny and it sure did involve you. You will get active off this game. I reccomend playing it in a group to as it adds to the fun and then you can do more minigames. I like this game and would reccomend it any day.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Teen, 13 years old Written byspace banana March 5, 2015

The rabbids

The show is great. if you haven't seen it it's like modern day loony toons. This game however, sucks. I got board of it after playing for half an hour. Only a few of the mini games are fun and some are 20 secs long when the loading screen takes twice that long. I only like 2 of the mini games out of the 20-30 that are there. lots of them are boring like spinning around three times as fast as you can or moving your face up and down. Never play this game by yourself. if your in a group it makes it a bit fun but it is boring to play this game by yourself. If you want a rabbid game, get a different one like rayman raving rabbids, and if you want a kinect game, get kinect star wars or Kinect penguins of Madagascar.