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Parent of a 12 and 14 year old Written byKevin Quire November 27, 2009

for older teens

This game is not violent at all. Basically you just walk around crushing broken parts and shooting martians. The only problem is the language. My fourteen year old loves this game and I allow my twelve year old to play it occasionally.
Parent Written byChojun January 2, 2012

Caution for younger players

This is a great game. The official review didn't touch enough on the language. It is not over-the-top, as it occurs as it naturally would during very tense situations (civilians cursing when shootouts occur in their area, etc.). However, the bad guys in this game have very strong language directed at the player (f-word, including m*****f*****). The violence isn't too bad, since as the review indicates, the vast majority of it is directed at buildings/infrastructure/etc. However, the player is rewarded for violence against people (bad-guys via kill-streaks) and at least one misson requires the capture of a bad-guy so that he can be tortured for information by a different in-game character. The sense of danger is lessened and desensitized by the fact that when the player is killed, he respawns at a base camp and the player suffers only a very minor penalty. The good-guys and bad-guys are very clear cut and the bad guys are REALLY bad (whereas the good-guys have noble intentions). Younger players will get an idea of what it means to fight for one's freedom and liberties and will get to experience the effects of propaganda.
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Too much swearing
Parent of a 12 year old Written bypanckaes223 March 7, 2010
My second favorite game quite violent
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Too much violence
Too much swearing
Adult Written bykathy221 December 4, 2009

good for 10+

This game isn't too bloody or violent, and the language is not terrible. It's a great game for anyone over 10.
Adult Written byTwilight June 30, 2009

Endless destruction on Mars..Woo Hoo!

Red Faction Guerilla takes place on Mars, and you play as a character who's brother was killed by the EDF (Earth Defense Force) and is exacting his revenge. The EDF eventually label him as a member of the Red Faction (A Group of people who are trying to liberate themselves from EDF rule). Seeing that you have no other options you join the Red Faction and help them liberate Mars. Red Factions graphics aren't something that will make you say "WOW! THAT's AMAZING!!" but they still have an appealing look to them. Most of Mars is pretty barren (but what can you expect on Mars?) with an a few buildings here and there. Almost Everything on Mars is destructible, if you can see it it can probably be blasted into oblivion by the innumerable weapons at your disposal. Buildings collapse in a satisfying manner, cars explode, helicopters crash, bridges collapse, tanks of fuel explode into greenish firework like displays, and the best thing of all is almost every vehicle can be controlled by the player (Much like Grand Theft Auto). Killing EDF members results in a splatter of blood on whatever they are standing by (Be it the Floor, wall, car etc..), characters occasionally drop the "F-Bomb" and you will hear words like "D*mn, A*s, B*stard" throughout. As with all online games you will get the annoying person who thinks Cursing makes them cooler (But that's what the mute buttons for), overall the community is quite otherwise. Buildings in online play can also be destroyed, while gleefully destroying these buildings you may notice that sometimes the buildings "Lagg". In other words, when you hit the building with a sledgehammer it may take a few seconds for you to actually see the effect. Another downside to Online play is that you can't control ANY vehicles, yup, no vehicles. They do give you "Packs" to make up for this though ( I can't remember their names so I won't list them). If you love destroying anything you can get your hands on then you MUST BUY this game.
Adult Written bysparky481 October 20, 2009

i hate this site sometimes

um first this review is horrible "OH online play poses a risk of personal information to be said in open chat" u know teens and pre-teens are not dumb its not like "hey uh new person i dont know who is most likely older than me here is my address" and oh my god terrorism hes fighting oppression like the patriots in the revolutionary war our ancestors were no different. also cigarettes most people smoke cigarettes like parents of children so overall its a great game but i hate this review HATE in capital letters
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Parent Written byParentbobblob May 7, 2015

Omg! Best game of 2009!

This game focuses on a destruction system not killing. It's setting is on Mars . If you like destroying buildings. GET THIS GAME TODAY!!!!!!!
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Great role models
Parent of a 13 year old Written byopenmindeddad October 13, 2009


there is no gore no contraband and is basically like freeing nazi occupied france but on mars
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