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When I was a kid so boring to watch it teaches you nothing all they do is dumb stuff so I don’t remember
age 8+

An Extra-Krusty (and Glitchy) Port to the Nintendo Switch

This game is basically what you get when you take a free mobile game, and port it to a popular gaming console without changing anything except charging money for it and removing In-App Purchases. Nothing else. Not even fixing some glitches. To be honest, I have greatly enjoyed this game. Part of that reason is when I got it. This game cost FIFTEEN STINKING DOLLARS. (Originally 30.) I purchased it when it was on sale for only 7.99, so it was a steal. Anyway, the game play is actually nice. Sure, it is like average mobile games, but I didn't mind that. It is fun to cook the different foods, and fulfill the customers' requests. The plot has you (Spongebob, Squidward, Sandy, or Patrick) start in front of Spongebob's home, baking pancakes. Why, you ask? Well, Mr. Krabs wants to cash in on the breakfast market. (No surprise.) As you progress through levels, you get further in the story. When you get far enough, you unlock a new area! There are at least three areas in the game already so there's 100+ levels. Back to the game play, though. If you have played other mobile cooking games like this one, skip this one unless you're a DIE HARD SPONGE BOY FAN. If you've never played a mobile cooking game like this, buy this. Mobile or Switch. Just buy it. I rated this 8+ because it might be hard for younger kids to understand, but it is still pretty easy to play. I said there was Educational Value, because you kind-of learn how to make certain foods. I said there was Good Message and Role Models because Spongebob never backs down from a challenge in this game and that is a good message. There's other stuff too. Alright, glitch time. The biggest game-breaking glitch I found involves Patrick. I first discovered this glitch around Krusty Krab's 35th Level, but who knows when it can occur. Alright, time to reveal this GAME-BREAKING GLITCH. Around level 35 in the Krusty Krab, if the goal is "Don't lose a customer!" and it recommends Patrick, use Spongebob. If you use Patrick and you use his special, it could cause a customer's patience bar to just... stop. It never goes and you'll have restart the level. This glitch could DEFINITELY stop a speed-run... if anyone speed-runs this game. This ONE glitch can ruin the whole game. Oh, and not to mention I played this game before an update with the glitch. Then, the game updated. Glitch still exists. I hope they fix this glitch soon, because it REALLY wreaks the game. Overall, a ton of fun for everyone who hasn't played a cooking mobile game before. Fun to just complete a couple levels in 5-minutes if you want to relax.

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