Kid reviews for Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Collection

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All these kids who are whining about how they didn't update the graphics fail to realize that Super Mario All-Stars came out in 1993.
age 4+

Good game

It’s got all the original Mario Brothers games, it’s worth it for sure.
age 5+

Review for SNES, not Wii.

This is epic. You port 4 iconic games to the SNES, and you get one of the greatest gaming experiences ever

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Easy to play/use
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No content in this game!
age 6+

Extreme fun.

Buy this now it is definately a must have. 4 best SNES games will never get boring. A mario lover will love this special. Its a great game. Old school gamers will fall in love with this.
age 4+

Lacks anything new

What is nintendo thinking on this one? Hey I know it's been 25 years since the first mario game but you think you're impressing people by making the adsact same game from 1995! Couldn't you make it new super mario bros. DS graphics And that was annoying so I'm gonna have to give it 3 stars.

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Educational value
age 2+


the best games of all time rapped into one if u have not already BUY THIS GAME.
age 7+


Don't get me wrong, I love SM:AS. It's just that Nintendo didn't update ANY of the graphics. They ported the SNES ROM to a Wii disc. I'm sorry, but that's just lazy. This is Mario's 25th anniversary, NOT HIS 10TH. They could've at least added Super Mario 64!

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Great role models
age 6+

4 great Mario titles, all in one disc.

Lost Levels is hard, though.