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Good game with good concepts feels too anemic.

Past Sonic racing installments have had larger rosters and more unique feeling tracks. Although the game runs smoothly, the tracks don't feel different enough to make them much more than backdrop to similar turns and scenarios. The team concept and up to 4 player split screen is perfect for some couch co-op with the option of playing on the same team/ different teams or as individual rivals. THIS is unique and an interesting dynamic. Aside from the novelty though, the rest of the game seems cut short in almost every other way, With just over 20 tracks and 12 racers, it all seems tame and unexiting once you've run the courses and become accustomed to the small variety of racers. The racers themselves are divided into 3 groups with SPEED type, a "skill" type that goes through terrain effortlessly, and a sort of "tank" type that bashes through obstacles. The racer roster is ALL Sonic characters this time,so no other Sega All Stars make an appearance. Each car is tied to it's perspective character and has performance stats that can be upgraded as well as several asthetic components to customize the look of your car. All that said, it seems that the base game itself doesn't offer long term variety in the tracks or anything outstanding or meaningful to make them feel different or set one apart from the other, it just feels like a potluck of components mixed together in various ways rather than fully fleshed out and unique concepts. Over all, this is a good game to burn some time with family and friends for a few hours, but I don't think it will hold most peoples interests for long or keep you coming back. Also with Mario Kart 8 being a far superior game overall and Crash Bandicoot Kart Racing coming out, this one will probably end up on the pile of mediocre Sonic games. In the end, unfortunately, this is merely a novelty game at best which is disappointing given the long drought of quality Arcade racers the past few years on consoles and the opportune window they had to turn this into something memorable that gamers have been craving for quite some time. PS- Some of the tracks can be a little blurry and confusing, especially trying to look into the distance. We recommend a 4k TV for best performance as anything below that can be a strain on the eyes, especially the larger TVs where the pixels are enlarged and less defined. This game in particular has some poor depth color schemes in a few tracks and this is especially noticable in racing games in general. Smaller TVs should be fine in single player, but 4k HD will be highly beneficial on larger TVs, especially playing split screen co-op.
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It's sonic the hedghog? Ok I'll buy that thanks

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