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age 10+

An amazing game iffy for 9 and under.

this game is not very violent but it is all about murder like, a lot of murder and things you can murder with like blunt weapons,sharp weapons and a few firearms,although there is a lot of violence there is little to no blood when a player gets hit by anything i mean anything 5 drops of blood drop down for 3 seconds. A lot of the other materials are more suggestive than direct for an example there is lots and lots of wine drinking since you play as very classy characters but very very subtle. There is toilet humor,and you have to go poop, shower, drink and sleep but showering and pooping its shown that they're obviously wearing underwear but still shows a big leaf covering the legs and torso. Thats pretty much it actually pretty iffy for 9 years old kindve directed to teens than kids. Suggested ESRB Rating:Teen for Blood Crude Humor Drug Reference Partial Nudity Suggestive Themes Violence

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking