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age 16+

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it is good

i think its good

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Great role models
age 12+

Ther Perfect Real Life Simulator!!

I don't understand why it's rated 16+. Geesh, some things kids watch on TV these days is WAY worse than playing Sims 2. There is some mild sexy-stuff that happens, but the way the programmers made it, it just looks like the Sims are having a tickle fight. This game allows the players to be open, creative, and it even makes them think about their own life, goals, and dreams. It's a good way to introduce responsibility, time management, and social skills in a fun, cartoonist way. Anyways, this is an awesome game, and I LOVE it! Anybody who is mature enough to handle the Sims's "tickle fights" can SOOOO play this game!!!!
age 12+

i cried !i laughed

not rated for age

the most addicting game ever

I love this game. I think it's fun to be in control with the sims lives. And if any parents are reading this than I also think it can help kids understand what dicisons to make in life. Such as picking the right job who to go out with or don't walk away from the oven when cooking something. I seriously love this game and I think it deserves more than 3 stars!
not rated for age
not rated for age

I hated it!

It was a rip-off!
not rated for age
i could care less
not rated for age
not rated for age

Good game, for 14+

Soms opern for buisness is a very good expansion pack, but the T for teens rating is what it deserves. Sims can have sex in bed or a hottub, but nothing is shown. The sims can get into fights, but it is a cartoon type fight where only a dust cloud is shown. Since sims talk in sim language, they could be talking about who knows what and we won't know. Sims can get drinks at a bar, though, but don't get drunk. However, sims can go out to a store and buy other Maxis/EA games, so it sort of advertises other games. The graphics are amazing on this game!
not rated for age

the best game i've everplayed

these are the sims games i have and i reccomend them all: The sims PS2 the sims bustin out PS2 the sims 2 PS2 the sims 2PC The sims open for bussiness PC Forget the list i reccomend them all thesims ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! a few more words to say: play it!