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Parent reviews for Thief

Common Sense says

Hard stealth game stars thieving antihero on a dark journey.
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Parents say

age 15+
Based on 9 reviews

Kids say

age 14+
Based on 4 reviews
Adult Written byMaaah March 9, 2014

Thief is fine!!!

This game looked horrid but is quite enjoyable and fun and is a great stealth game and no killing is needed! Heaven!!!
Adult Written byGathison November 10, 2014

Why you should think twice.

When I was a child, Thief: The Dark Project was new and exciting. It too was rated M for Mature, and I should not have played it at my young age, but I did, as I did with many other games which included Half-Life, Quake II, Unreal, Doom, and games of the like. Thief: The Dark Project contained "Animated Blood and Violence". It was rated Mature because when you damaged someone a circle of red appeared on the floor. Times have changed, and those games would have likely been rated E10+ in today's world. I am not here to tell you that you should not let your children play this game, I am here to say that you should just give it a good amount of thought, and hear me out. This game contains a decent amount of violence (albeit far from as intense as many other games on the market) and a good amount of strong language (which includes the "F" word, and nearly all words you can think of that are below it in the "badness level") fully depicted usage of drugs and alcohol, and sexuality that doesn't shy away from nudity. In my opinion, the sexuality is at the same level as grade A pornography, which would include a mission that throws your character into a brothel sporting topless prostitutes, and peepholes you can look through (and might need to look through to accomplish an objective) that show these prostitutes with their clients. One shows a prostitute seducing a man by simply talking graphically dirty to him, all while being topless. Two others show a woman sexually abusing a man for his pleasure and a completely naked woman thrusting her hips on top of a completely naked man. Even if you were to refuse looking in these peepholes, you would more than likely stumble across a topless prostitute beforehand, and you would hear lovely child-friendly things like climaxes and dirty talk. Although killing is just as immoral as the sexuality in this game, it is a goal of the game to not engage in conflict. The game encourages players not to kill for the sake of both skill and a better score. But, in the end the unavoidable profanity, drug and alcohol use, along with the graphic sex and potential violence might be a bit much for absolutely any person that limits themselves from witnessing these things. My end point? The quality of this game isn't even all that high. Better games exist in its genre. And the amount of both adult and pornographic content locked into the plot of this game has to leave someone asking: "Is this really worth it?" My advice is to save your money for a more tasteful game that is both less unreasonably inappropriate and higher in quality. And to the parents out there... think twice.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byMother_of_1000 March 24, 2014

Only Bad if You Want it To Be

You don't have to kill anyone unless you really want to. I got this for my eleven year old son, and I usually do a good check of the game to make sure it is appropriate. I think game is fine for anyone old enough to understand that sneaking around at night is bad in real life, but good in this game.

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byCabooce January 7, 2015

Let's Be Realistic

People seem to be caught up in the fact that killing is optional. While this is true, anyone is likely to kill at least once. If they're aiming to get a kill-free game trophy they may have to reload, but this is a strategy game that consists of observing and often times a bit of experimentation. Just because the killing is optional, doesn't mean it's necessarily unavoidable, even playing on easy. Another thing parents really should take into account, is how emotionally mature your child is, especially when it comes to sex. Simply explaining what the birds and the bees are, or having your kid attend grade 8 sexual education does not mean your kid is mature enough to understand what is going on in the game, especially during the stage of the game when the character is in a brothel. Knowing how babies are made, and even knowing what a sex worker is, is probably not enough when you have to peep through holes to progress, letting you view a dominatrix at work, a lengthy discussion on 'size' a woman bouncing on top of man, and a pimp refusing to allow a man to buy a young virgin due to how he violently treats women (which is also later shown in a cutscene.) while your child may easily be able to understand the concept of sex, there are other factors that should be taken into account in terms of how mature your child is, and how they will handle the subject matter. It's a great game, I would recommend it, just maybe it to your 10 year old. It does after all have an M rating, don't kid yourself or be open to a little more in depth talk about different kinds of relationships, feelings, and kinks.
Adult Written byDarth Fazbear July 2, 2015

It's pretty good

Well, this game is cool because when I was a kid I used to LOVE Robin Hood and the main chatacter Garrett is so much like him, only he keeps his items he steals. It's not a good role model because of stealing, violence, and sex. There's a lounge where u can CLEARLY see naked men and naked women having sex. For kids who can't handle violence, this isn't the game for u because of bows, guns, and whipping rods and fights. There also is a lot of language.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written bySadman February 9, 2016

Nowhere near as violent or sexual as the review suggests

I have developed a low tolerance for sexual content in games and TV of late, and I have to say right here that concerns over Thief on that score are overblown. Compared to what's out there this is minor stuff that would maybe get a PG-13 or TV-14 rating if shown on TV or in the movies. The player can be as violent or as non-violent as he wishes in this game, and unlike so many other games it is possible to complete this game without even knocking anyone out. The game even rewards the player for doing so. As for the sex, there is one mission that takes place in a brothel. There are a few topless women visible and one very brief scene where if you look through a peephole (for a mission-related reason) you see a woman having non-explicit sex with a man. I saw more explicitness in a US network TV show aired before the watershed. A few other "interactions" are spied but they actually don't go anywhere beyond dialogue. I found the game fine, though it wasn't able to replicate the atmosphere of the original PC Thief games, was nowhere near as spooky (except for a couple of rather terrifying levels in particular one set in an asylum) and was actually somewhat short. It says something about a game's brevity that there's a trophy awarded to those who are able to play longer than a certain number of hours. Is this a game for little kids? No. But any teen who can actually survive in this game more than a few minutes has without failing a level or getting the player character killed has seen far worse on YouTube, sex and violence wise, and probably plays games with a lot more explicit content than this. Since play style varies widely, I'm hesitant to put any tags on this review as from my experience playing there wasn't too much sex or violence, and I wouldn't say it was particularly easy to play, either. One thing I will agree on is that there is a bit too much swearing. The F-word is heard regularly. However, this primarily occurs in cutscenes that can be skipped if sensitive ears are in the room, and there's nothing being said in the game that kids aren't already saying to each other in texting or at school.

This title contains:

Adult Written byMatt B. December 23, 2015

NOT for kids. This will teach them bad examples.

This a game strictly about thieving. It is intended for young adults.
Adult Written byanthonym2 January 21, 2016


Terrible it's nothing it's weak
Adult Written byRaxuRangerking November 12, 2018

Stick to the original trilogy, and avoid this disgrace to their legacy

First of all, let me highly recommend Thief: Gold, Thief 2: The Metal Age, and Thief: Deadly Shadows. This game is NOT part of the canon of these games, and is basically a ripoff/reinterpretation of the original franchise's core concept. SPOILER: It fails miserably. Before I hear "It's not SUPPOSED to be part of the trilogy!!", the trailers marketed it as "I'm Garrett...did you miss me?", so since the game is comparing itself to the trilogy, I'll do the same thing. To start off with, the game's setting is very linear and boring; the large, dystopian city is NOT open for exploration, and you'll find invisible walls blocking you in many areas, unless you have the right quests. Quests involve finding an item at the end of a linear path, and bringing it back to someone. Boring, repetitive, and unrewarding. The gameplay forces stealth, but does a bad job of it with inconsistent AI that sometimes seems psychic, and other times totally dead to the world...coupled with Garrett's equally inconsistent stamina meter and limited options compared to the trilogy I mentioned above. The plot is dull and nonsensical. --- Bad people found a magic crystal and are using it to do bad things, like making your annoying apprentice vanish and causing you to smack your face into a pillar. Team up with beggars and outcasts to stop them by stealing stuff. --- There; I just summed up every bit of depth and intrigue the plot has. The characters are awful; all your allies are reused tropes with nothing interesting or compelling, and the main protagonist is NOTHING like the original Garrett. Where the original Garrett was a street-smart orphan who was FORCED to steal, this new Garrett is an edgy, narcissistic, kleptomaniacal wannabe-bad-boy who steals for no other reason than that he CAN because the "shadows are his allies" or something. Oh, and in case this isn't cringey enough, he lives in a clocktower where he talks to ravens. I have nothing more to say about him. Now I get to the worst thing about this game, ESPECIALLY compared to the original trilogy...how MATURE and GROWN-UP and COOL it thinks it is. The original trilogy told an amazing story through great characters, flawless gameplay, and no "mature" themes to lean on. In this poor excuse for a Thief game, characters constantly swear like sailors in really forced, bad voice-acting, and it's not the funny and creative "Taffer" of yesteryear; nope, just classic f-bombs to break you right outta your immersion. For whatever reason, opium is a central theme is this game, as is rampant sexuality. The player finds many levels with opium in them, and even uses it to restore their mana. As for sexuality, this game is rife with it, which usually isn't a problem, but feels like a disgrace when you realize the trilogy of REAL Thief games never needed to be carried by countless nude statues, brothel levels, naked opium-addicts moaning on couches together, men violently abusing prostitutes in a brothel run by an aggressive transvestite, dominatrixes spanking intoxicated men, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on; this game leans so heavily on these so-called "gritty", "mature" themes because at it's core, it's a slow, repetitive, boring game with a world that's as lifeless as the forgettable story and 1-dimensional characters. Oh, and don't even get me started on how disgusting it is to see DLC in a product that has the nerve to call itself a Thief game. Make no mistake, I love the Thief games, and I love stealth games, but this game deserves neither title. Do yourself a huge favor; buy the original trilogy, experience the REAL story of the REAL Garrett, and then if you're bored out of your gourd, and have absolutely no other possible use for a $20 bill (not even making it into a paper airplane or donating it to charity), then maybe you can pick this game up for a quick laugh, a lot of cringe, a hard facepalm, and some major disappointment before you do the smart thing and get a refund. Otherwise, avoid this game like the plague ravaging it's not-actually-open-world city.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking