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Adult Written bydx2063 April 9, 2008

Cannot get enough of rainbow

This is an awesome game. Depending on your connection it could get a little glitchy. However, the game is solid as a rock. The computer A.I. is excellent. The achievements are not easy to obtain, but well earned if you learn to adapt to the game. Also, it is very important to make alot of friends to gain the achievement of Master of Ceremonies. You will know what I mean when you play the game. I highly recommend the purchase of this game.
Parent Written byfrankisgreat November 10, 2015
This is a great game for a mature child that can handle a little bit of violence and language. This game makes you think before you do, for example: If you are on a mission to retrieve a piece of equipment and there are three entry points, you need to think which entry point would be the most effective point to approach. You have to work with others/your teammates to complete the mission successfully. If you don't make the right choices you could end up failing the mission. Unlike some other popular shooter games, like gta or payday, you are not the antagonist. You might be fighting to save a group of civilians, not rob a bank or get away with murder. Over all this game is acceptable for any mature teens over the age of 12 or 13.
Adult Written byCLP April 9, 2008

Intense combat

You definately don't want younger children watching this one. The language is bad; and they will always pick up those you don't want them too. The violence is like most war games and is pretty intense.
Parent Written byPlague December 15, 2009

Rainbow Six Vegas

Fun for all warfare video game lovers. Storyline is fun, and the terrorist hunt never gets old. This game is also a lot funner when you play it with friends. The more terrorist killers the better.
What other families should know
Great role models
Adult Written bygears of war July 17, 2009

terriffic game

wow this is great f is only used 5 times and the blood is not a problem the first one is worse in blood and the enemies really never yell f in combat so it is great
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written byGearsOfWar April 9, 2008

This Game Is Awesome

I really loved the gameplay and the graphics in this game
Adult Written byconker101 April 9, 2008
Freakin sweet game. I play it on my 360 with Gears of war and Crackdown
Adult Written byRedDragonKnight April 9, 2008

Start thinking logically

This game causes you to think before you act. You must be sure that the way you're executing your plan will not result in your death or the death of you squad mates.
Adult Written byCFioren317 April 9, 2008

The game is rated T for PSP!

I think it is a little misleading to lump the xBox 360 version in with the PSP version. The PSP is rated T, and having played both, I think it is related to the fact that PSP has no foul language. Both games are very good, and I think should be playable by kids 10 and above. My son is 9 and we have a good time playing the xBox version with the sound down to not hear the cursing. Otherwise, loosen up a little bit people.
Adult Written bymdog April 9, 2008
Adult Written bysam53 April 9, 2008

Cool game

You shoot terrorists in casinos. if you let your kids play any of Tom Clancys other games, this isnt a problem. ps Led Zeppelinkicks a**