Divergent Trilogy

Veronica Roth's thrilling, addictive trilogy is set in the future of a dystopian Chicago divided into five factions based on character traits. The series follows teen main character Tris -- whose government-sponsored personality test reveals she is Divergent, meaning she doesn't fit into just one faction -- through tough choices, romance, and war in three intense books.

Divergent, Book 1 Poster Image

Divergent, Book 1

age 13+

Exciting, violent dystopian thriller is original, addictive.

By: Veronica Roth (2011)
Insurgent: Divergent, Book 2 Poster Image

Insurgent: Divergent, Book 2

age 13+

Excellent dystopian sequel is terrifically twisty, intense.

By: Veronica Roth (2012)
Allegiant: Divergent, Book 3 Poster Image

Allegiant: Divergent, Book 3

age 13+

Controversial finale to a thrilling dystopian trilogy.

By: Veronica Roth (2013)