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Parents' Guide to

A Cinderella Story: Starstruck

By Jennifer Green, Common Sense Media Reviewer

age 8+

Feel-good fairy tale romcom has some language, innuendo.

Movie PG 2021 96 minutes
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A Lot or a Little?

What you will—and won't—find in this movie.

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age 11+

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age 12+

*Deja Vu* We all wish we hadn't seen this movie before.

I want to preface this review by saying this is an absolute Cliche of a movie. Not only is the story line terrible, but the acting of everyone in this movie -besides Karen Holness who was the laid back goddess that she is, making me believe with everything in me that she was a set manager- made me feel constipated trying to hold in the amount of cringe I felt. It was absolute garbage. I will try to and be as unbiased as I can, with that being said Ive never really been a fan of Bailee Madisons acting techniques. Other than when she had a part in the movie 'Just Go With It' I have yet to have seen her being absolutely genuine with her character portrayals, they have always felt too forced as if she is being just that 'An Actor' rather than stepping into the parts she plays. This movie was almost too painful to watch. It was as if everyone in the movie couldn't help but slip up, letting the audience know through their forced cringe worthy acting that this movie was in fact just a money grab. I really should start at the beginning So, the movie opens with our Star of this little charade, Baliee Madison. And right from the get-go this is where we see the Cliche farm girl acting. Now, I don't know if her personal input was ever considered, or if the cast and crew had majority say on props and wardrobe. But sis, they done-did-you dirty. No amount of lifting tiny hay bales, or swinging around baskets of (either store bought or prop) chicken eggs while "singing" (I really should say mouthing) to poorly dubbed over studio recorded music. Is going to convince the audience that you've been anywhere near a farm, doing the work that the movie opened with. Maybe I'm wrong and the actor has, but to me she just looked so out of place. The second day was better... but not by much, the work shirt they decided to put her in made it looked like they were going for a mild PG version of Daisy duke. I can guarantee if you are trying to work on a farm you DO NOT want midriff uncovered when working with hay and Animal Shit. Oh hey! The bratty sister did in fact dress up as the silhouette of Daisy Duke for her audition. Full booty shorts and tied up button blouse. And as the story progressed it just got worse. From the terrible songs, to the awful characters. They kept putting poor Kenny down when he was just trying to make a living, the brother and sisters characters just made everything feel like a city slicking, attitude filled, TikTok dancing, Pyramid scheming joke. Come on Richard Harmon and Lillian Doucet-Roche, you guys better than this! I know I said the only acting I liked was Karen Holness, but that's not entirely truthful...Michael Evans Behling. also known as Cowboy Stronk Pants. He was a great actor don't get me wrong, I just absolutely hated the way his character was super quick to fall in love. And then didn't even recognize to some degree that he was working with the girl he was looking for, he didn't even have any hint of recognition even when her mustache started to fall off. I know it's Cinderella but the original story didn't let you get to know all the characters on a more personal level other than "Hey! This is the prince, he is dancing with disguised Cinderella. Oh no she ran away. He has found a shoe! He is know looking for the owner of the shoe! He found her. The end. He should have - to some degree in my opinion- recognized her in that Huck get-up if he was as infatuated as the movie made him out to be. Also that line while they were at the fishing spot and she was trying to get away before he saw her face (OoOoh NoOo) really rubbed me the wrong way. Here it is: "Now your probably wishing you had that horse right about now huh? And your probably thinking to yourself can I outrun him? I don't think so." This came across as a line a stranger you'd meet in a dark alley would say. And not a line for the first real meeting on such a bright and sunny scene. It left me cringing in awkward disgust. Maybe I am just the weird one, but that doesn't seem like the type of thing to say to a lady if your alone with her and trying to "woo her" with your charms. It made my 21yr old womb -who up until that point had been liking the sexy cowboy persona- immediately close for business. I am now experiencing menopause. Thank you for that Warner studios. And thank you especially to Michelle Johnston for having the director of the movie within the movie (wow so 4th wall) stand in as your double. He was a very mainstream portrayal of the Hollywood "Ivory tower" I feel like I wasted my time as an adult watching this movie, but you guys don't have to! Especially if you take my advice and just avoid the movie all together. I set the age group for this movie at *12 and up* because I really feel like *12 and up* wont be AS impressionable (its of course case by case) and will better understand that this is NOT how love should be portrayed( Cliche, rushed, and without much substance). And I feel like they'd better understand this movie for what it was: A Joke. Complete and total Satire. Okay, Ive typed long enough now so... Bye! P.S. Have fun not wasting your time on this movie and review as I wish I hadn't! (I was just so offended by what my eyes had witnessed that I of course had to come here.)
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age 7+

Wholesome Flat Movie

No, No, No….but I did watch the whole movie. The first big mistake was the wardrobe that “Finely” (Bailee Madison) wore to do her farm chores. Then she burst out in song-nooooo. I have heard her sing before and this wasn’t it. This movie may work for the 10 and under children. Each actor was just phoning in their acting with the exceptions of Karen Holness and Dolores Drake. Michael Evans Behling was cute & wholesome for the his character “Jackson Stone”. Yet, overall this movie was flat.

Is It Any Good?

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Cinderella meets A Cowgirl's Tale meets Tootsie in this feel-good latest installment in the fairy tale-inspired film franchise. A Cinderella Story: Starstruck is goofy and it knows it, from over-the-top hoedown dances to the herb-named scheming step-relatives to the reciting of Full House theme song lyrics as sentimental monologue. There's some gentle mocking of the entertainment industry and film business types in the storyline, as well as a faithful pig named Jon Ham.

If you let yourself go with it, the formula works just fine, though Finley's musical numbers are inconsistently sprinkled throughout the movie. Some of the humor rooted in characters dressing in clothing typically associated with another gender also feels outdated, like the princess concept itself. And Huck's surprise reveal on camera as Finley is straight out of Tootsie -- with none of the '80s angst and all of the Cinderella Story coziness. The happy ending is expected, if not required, but it's also a little hard to believe. Madison is funny, confident, and girl-next-door cute in a very physical role. She ably follows in the footsteps here of past Cinderella Story stars like Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez, and Lucy Hale.

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