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Predictable college-set adaptation has partying, sex.
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Adult Written byTeenaFerat April 23, 2019

Incredibly Honest

I have read the book series and was completely excited for the movie when it was advertised, however, my high hopes were horribly shattered. I adore the actors as well as the screen writer and publisher of the books but this film was horrendously portrayed. Let us pretend I hadn't read the book series, if that was case, i would rate the movie less than one star if it was possible. It didn't have to include events that happened in the book but they should have kept the storyline. There was no storyline in the movie whatsoever. If we are to focus on the main characters, (Hardin and Tessa), there was no build up. It was completely rushed . They meet and then the next scene literally jumps to her being heart broken over one date they had and an almost sexual encounter. Even the friendships formed had no base, had no importance, had nothing. I understand many say it romanticises a toxic relationship but it really doesn't. It is supposed to highlight the finding of themselves in each other, the horrible mistakes they make, the forgivingness of their traumatic pasts and their overcoming of the toxic relationship due to their strong love for one another. It also highlights many other topics such as embracing and exploring her sexuality, etc. In the movie there is no storyline just scenes thrown together and labelled as a film so there is basically no message, no positive or negative message. I can honestly say if you haven't read the books you will be ending the film with confusion and regret on spending your money, if you have read the books, you will be incredibly furious, disappointed as well as regretful on spending the money. I feel as if though many people give high ratings for this shocking film because they desperately wish to see a second film as well as majority are females who are enormous fans of the actor Hero Finnes-Tiffin who plays the role of Hardin. I enjoyed the acting of the cast members. The film itself was a huge fail. The lack of story, the horrible editing, the rushing, the clipping it was just all round not pleasant to watch and a time-waster. I understand this may sound harsh but it is my honest review, i wished so wholeheartedly that the film would turn out amazing but it hadn't. I genuinely enjoy and get a better storyline from the trailer rather than the movie.
But if you are like me and your curiosity gets the better of you, i suggest waiting until it comes out on television or DVD that way you spend less money on this not worthy movie.
Parent of a 13 and 17-year-old Written bySonya7 April 14, 2019

Leaves terrible impressions

This is based of a fan fiction written by a young teen girl, so as a plot story it isn’t very good. But the main issue with this story is the fact that it romanticizes a toxic relationship and deems it desirable. This could end up teaching impressionable young boys and girls that either this is how they should be treated or how they should treat others. So no I do not think this is good movie for kids under 17 because I think at that age most know that the relationship portrayed in the movie is unhealthy.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byPaladinDadof3 April 13, 2019

Terrible movie has sex and drugs...

This movie should be rated R... It portrays sex and college incorrectly. Not a lot of College Deans kids hang out with local Tattoo artist pothead losers. Very disappointed.
Adult Written bymaryj12 October 23, 2020

It was a great movie!

I think it was totally okay, I don't know why Common Sense rated it so high; it IS a PG-13 movie and you're not allowed to have any f words, well only up to 2. There's literally like no swearing, the sexual content is brief, no nudity, definitely no violence. There's a lot of partying, but that's in every teen movie. There's kissing, but who cares about that. To be honest, the movie's fine but the book is what parents should be worrying about.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written bySineadxolong April 23, 2019

After movie- disappointing

I am very big fan of the after series that was written on watt pad, now I know I may have a bias opinion as I love the books but this movie really does not justify the book enough. Hardin in the book had a much bigger personality then he does in the movie, in the book his love for Tessa is shown more of an over protective, emotional type of love. In the movie I was left confused as the most important scenes that give you emotion and attachment to the characters are left out. As for their relationship it was rushed in the movie, in the book Hardin and Tessa had months of going back and forth trying to figure out their emotions and Hardin was struggling to admit he could love someone, he was from a broken home and they really didn’t show the emotion behind his past. I really think if they make a second movie they need to make it at least 2 hours long and really go for the characters and the story line from the book. With Hardins father there was so much more emotion and hurt in the book and you can feel Hardins pain trying to forgive his father and tessa trying to pull them together as a family. They didn’t give enough time for us to really get a good understanding of the story line. For anyone who watches this not reading the book you will feel very confused as they leave most parts out from the book.i could only just capture what was happening as I have read the books and understand what they are trying to show. In my opinion I think they should of made this movie an age 15 and really followed the book. To anyone who hasn’t read the book I recommend them 100% you go through so much emotion I’ve cried so many times reading the 3 books. However the books are not for children as they speak about sexual things to a high level of detail, they portray their relationship borderline abussive, have drugs in and talk about sexual assault. I really hope they make a second movie and make it better because I was literally dying to see this film as I grew so attached to the characters in the book.
Adult Written byMovieRator98 April 21, 2019


After reading the books, I thought this movie would be intense. I was sadly mistaken! It is over the top cliche and not as diverse as it had the power of being. The characters were great, Hardin Scott was portrayed well by Hero. He was edgy and has the look to be dominating and intimidating. Unfortunately watching this movie I felt it was rushed! Unlike the book the movie has no actual chemistry between Tessa and Hardin... Hardin Scott was meant to be a misunderstood character. There was no sign of that. There is a lot of kissing but still no chemistry!! The scenes after the characters were meant to argue were confusing and off topic. I would love to use the same characters and the same storyline to make this movie better. As it stands it is cheesy and overrated. Which is disappointing for a film based off Harry Styles! It still has potential to be ALOT better, just let me do the directing. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. On the plus side the author Anna Todd has also wrote After 2 and 3 make sure you check them out instead of wasting your time with the movie.
Adult Written byMimiPMS April 17, 2019
Adult Written bynorightanswer April 17, 2019


The movie was awful. Scenes that made sense in the book were left out. Viewers needed to see Hardin's character come through the screen, it's what makes the book so interesting and keeps readers reading page after page. As an author, I loved the books series. As a reader the books are awesome. And I am not a screenwriter, but I am pretty sure that person/persons did their best. And I also believe the director had a vision and tried hard to make that vision come alive on screen, but he failed. The direction this should have gone and would have made sense, and given the viewers time to develop Hardin's character as a wonderful-sexy-prick would have been to make the complete After Series a tv series.
Adult Written byNicoleKristen19 April 15, 2019


For people who read the book - the movie is nothing like it, they kept none of the scenes from the book opting to create entirely new scenes. They also tried to cram too much into this movie which left the scenes short, curt and confusing. The scenes were cut terribly, so that once a scene was done, you're just in the next without any transition. Finally, the acting was also not that great, but I'm choosing to blame this on the poor screenwriting rather than the actors/actresses themselves.

For people who haven't read the book: you will barely have an idea of what's happening. Not a lot is said, but rather implied, but if you haven't read the book, you will have no idea what is being implied and therefore have no idea what's going on.

I've read the books, and my S/O hasn't, I left the movies disappointed, and he left confused.

For parents: The book was meant for an older audience, but for the movie they tried to change it to fit a younger audience, however there are still sexual scenes, drinking, drugs, swearing, and not the greatest of messages.
Adult Written bycinephilee April 13, 2019

Here We Go Again

This movie is your typical good girl meets bad boy romance, so as for plot twists, can't say there were many. The acting was average at best, but it wasn't like the characters were exactly the most complex to portray, so I suppose the actors did their job. In addition, the characters either fit complete stereotypes or simply did not have any personalities at all. Side note: I refuse to applaud Anna Todd for making the movie "diverse". She made Tristan a girl, which would have been interesting had Pia Mia been on the screen for more than 4 minutes. Anyone else getting the same queerbaiting vibes as Riverdale? And representing the African American community with Landon wouldn't have been a problem had he had more duties than being the typical 'black best friend's stereotype.The biggest thieves of the screens were the two main characters, Tessa and Hardin. The movie focused much more on the romance between them rather than them as individual people with separate stories and personalities. For a movie that bragged about encouraging empowerment, they sure made Tessa seem dependent on Hardin and hinted at her being irrelevant without Hardin. I mean, a lot of romance movies are guilty of this, but still, it makes for some pretty unrelatable and boring characters, especially the female lead. Another side note: Josephine Langford is an okay actress, however the producers should have told her that her Australian accent came through way too much and asked her to do the scene again. The editing was a bit odd, including a lot of shots of characters just staring at each other and extreme close ups of body parts and objects. Jenny Gage was way too dependent on montages to save this film. In terms of plot, some of the character motives were lost in the fast-paced nature of the film. Believe me, it was incredibly too fast. This is something that happens a lot in book to film adaptations, since it is very difficult to cram what would be a 10 hour reading session in a 2 hour movie, but still, they could have tried a bit harder. Instead of trying to stuff a film with new scenes that have zero relevance, this movie should have at least tried to include scenes from the book that may have been a waste of time as well but at least they weren't brought out of thin air. This movie was, well, forgettable. Beyond average and disappointing. Overall, it just blends in with the rest of the teen romance genre, if anything being a flop to others in that category.
Adult Written byRonak Kotecha April 11, 2019


After is the kind of film that could have gone horribly wrong. Well, it had all the ingredients - good girl, bad girls, brooding mysterious college hottie, wannabe college teens sporting nose piercings & tattoos, dysfunctional families & broken marriages..the list will go on. But what trumps all of this the heavyduty emotional texture of the film. The intense romance that develops between Tessa and Hardin in a conventional yet very mystical way. There are not many twists and the narrative is simple. However, it hoodwinks you into feeling that something really uncanny will happen - whether or not it does, is for you to find out. Makeout scenes are aplenty but none OTT. They are aesthetic and complimentary to the storytelling. Director Jenny Gage handles that well with his young, good looking actors keeping their next-door image intact. Audience will relate with their characters and root for both of them. Pace is slow but consistent with moments that will stay with you. Overall, AFTER is the kind of college romance everyone hopes for - it's got love, lust and heartbreak in equal measure!
Parent of a 13-year-old Written byedenshaw March 28, 2019

Romanticizinng Emotional Abuse

Do not, under any circumstances, let your child see this movie. I am an 18 year old girl who read this book series as a young teen and I will forever regret it. This movie romanticize’s abusive relationships. It’s a constant cycle of sex and fighting. The main male character, Hardin, creates a bet to take the main female character, Tessa’s, virginity. He then goes on to constantly lead her on, saying she changed him and he wants to be good for her, and then yells at her and puts her down when she believes they’re in a relationship. When she finally tries to move on from him, he plays the pity card and tells her that he will never be happy without her. As for the sex portion, Hardin has a very possessive demeanor. An actual quote from the book is “I want you, and I should be able to have you whenever I want to”. This will lead young girls and boys to believe it is ok to be treated like a toy. I read this series as a young teen and thought that this is what relationships are and this is romantic and acceptable. I then got into a relationship where I let myself be pushed around and emotionally manipulated into thinking that I wasn’t good enough for anyone else and that no one else would ever love me. They created deep rooted issues that I’m still struggling with years later. Now you might think “Well she’s 18, what does she know”. I know that, as a nanny of three young teens, these girls absorb everything that is said to them. I’ve had to have countless conversations about sticking up for yourself and despite what society has said, you don’t need a man to take care of you or for you to be successful. Society constantly paints women as villains and damsels in need of saving. This movie pushes those same toxic images. In short, this book has damaged not only mine, but many young girls lives and self esteem’s and it’s time for it to stop.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written bydvdgirl September 20, 2020

Lots of sex but good

A lot of sex but good movie.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Sexy stuff
Adult Written bysomeone_to_you_ August 28, 2020
There is anything of special in the movie.
I saw it and it´s normal
Adult Written byBeach47 August 25, 2020

Nothing Like the Book

The story line in the movie is nothing like the book. Read the book it's a 100% better. The movie is all over the place!
Adult Written byaanika August 6, 2020

Painfully predictable

Terribly obvious that this was adapted from a Wattpad novel. The acting is mediocre at best, the script is so predictable to the point that I was accurately guessing the next lines which would be spoken. I definitely wouldn't watch this as a family - there are a few sex scenes but nothing too crazy. Overall, this movie plays into so many cliches and is only worth it if you need a rom com to make fun of.
Adult Written bymomkir June 28, 2020

Not appropriate for teens

I am really surprised After isn't R. First, the messages are terrible: girl with strong convictions and high academic goals caves to peer pressure the first time out. She cheats on her boyfriend while he's visiting instead of having the courage to tell him her feelings have changed, then she moves in with the toxic boy who has serious emotional issues and creates a roller coaster relationship.
All that aside, there's significantly more sex than any other PG-13 movie I have seen. Close ups on her face while she experiences every touch. The condom being ripped, the two of them in a bathtub together, etc. There is no way to quickly skip over it and the sex is overt, not implied.
I would definitely not let a young or mid-teen see this movie

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byBrooklyn3197 March 31, 2020

Wow very random and cliche

We all know the good girl bad boy story. It’s very good however doesn’t end properly. Quite a bit of sex throughout you don’t see much though.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byAblelove February 17, 2020

So slow and uneventful

Started watching with my mature 14 year old
We ended up shutting it off. Girl cheats on nice boyfriend for the shady Brit. So predictable and boring actually and void of strong characters.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byZephyrr December 30, 2019

Pretty Good

Surprisingly good. When I heard it was based off a Harry Styles fanfiction I got a little annoyed. Why would anyone want to watch something that had been a college students fantasy about a celebrity. The movie shocked me though, the characters were likeable, if not a little unrealistic with their emotions and the plot was waaaaaaaay better then the book.