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Airplane II: The Sequel

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age 13+

An unimaginative rehash with Shatner thrown in for good measure

The first time I saw this film was after my family got cable television in 1983. The film was on heavy rotation and for an 8 year old it was a scream!! I thought it was the best thing I had ever seen! Many said that the original was better but since I had not seen the original this was all I had to go off of and I loved every second of the ridiculousness. But really what I wanted was more Stucker, more Hagerty and more Bridges. Which you definitely get in Airplane! (1980). In this one it is clear that the studio decided to create a formula that they tried to replicate hence why this film feels like a redo of the original and not as funny. Although I will always stand by every Stephen Stucker joke, rest in power.
age 15+

Ok movie

3 naked women Sex 4/5 Violence 3/5 Language 3/5 Drugs alcohol and smoking 3/5

This title has:

Too much sex
age 16+


Most of the comedy is silly slapstick and even sexual stuff would be over the heads of younger children, BUT there are at least three instances of very clear nudity- topless women. Very clear! Unfortunately, all the parent reviews miss this. They only mention the nudity at the X-ray machine, but there is also very clear topless nudity at the mental hospital when Ted Striker is painting a bouquet of flowers and they pan to the model for his painting which is actually a topless woman. Upset with both Common Sense Media and IMDB for failing to mention it. My young son was watching. Thanks a lot.
age 8+

Really funny and good for family night

Honestly this ok for 8 year olds because Iv watched it with 8 year olds.
age 13+

funny but not the original

my personal rating PG-13 grade B-

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 12+

All right