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Extreme gore, plus language, nudity in bizarre horror pic.

Movie R 2022 102 minutes
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A Lot or a Little?

What you will—and won't—find in this movie.

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Intense and with mature elements, this horror film is best for mature teens

Barbarian (2022) follows the disturbing secrets buried beneath a rental home after two residents stumble into the madness. The film is quite mature with infrequent instances of strong violence, uncomfortable/disturbing imagery and tons of language. VIOLENCE: SEVERE The violence is quite strong when it does appear, but it is sporadic and the camera never lingers. On top of this, the violence is only shown onscreen a few times. A man suddenly has his head grabbed and viscously bashed into the wall over and over until it is nothing but a bloody, caved mess. This is very brief and in darkness so details aren’t easily made out, but the scene is very horrifying rather than super violent. A creature grabs a man and drags him into a room where he is forced to drink from the breast of deformed creature. Extremely disturbing and horrifying, not very violent. We see several cases of video tapes on display which are videos of a man torturing/raping women. None of these tapes are shown but names are such as “suicide”, “the puker”, “red headed gas station girl” and other descriptions. We also hear one of the tapes briefly, we hear loud slapping noises and a woman screaming in pain. The man who created the videos is shown lying in bed, he grabs a gun and shoots himself in the head off camera, but we can hear a loud gunshot and the scene is very shocking. A woman is shot in the stomach. She survives but a bloody patch is shown on her side for the rest of the film. A man has his arm torn off by a creature and then he is brutally beaten with the severed limb. Extremely frightening but not extremely graphic, although very gory. A girl and a creature jump off of a building. Blood is shown splattered on the ground below, but both of them survive. A creature grabs a man’s head and brutally gouges his eyes out with her long finger nails. We see this graphically onscreen with his eye meat spewing out of where the creatures fingers are sinking into. After, she tears his head in half shown from a non-graphic angle (behind) and she drops him. This scene is very graphic, horrifying and gory. A deformed creature is shot in the head, the camera cuts as soon as the gun shoots. LANGUAGE: SEVERE Roughly 70+ uses of “f*ck” including “motherf*cker”, uses of “sh*t” and 1 use of “f*ggot”. The language is pervasive and strong in the second act of the film, the first and third act have moderate language (less frequent uses of “f*ck”, “sh*t”) SEXUAL CONTENT: MILD The creature in this film is fully nude, therefor her breasts are shown frequently and sometimes she appears fully nude from the front, but darkness tends to chase away graphic detail. The creature also forces two people to drink her breast milk, when a man refuses she drags him into a room and forces him to lick and suck her nipples while a breast feeding video plays in the background, her nipples are shown up-close in this disturbing scene. A major plot point of this film revolves around a man kidnapping women and raping them in his basement while getting them pregnant and making new children repeatedly. This is all mentioned verbally and none of this is shown or explicitly described. Sexual references relating to rape allegations and “f*cking”. OVERALL: 13+
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It's a scary, but in a slow-burn horror story

I am going to be honest with you all here, as much as this movie was scary, it was weird; like, mark my words on that. I enjoyed for the most part what this movie brough to the table, but in the end I was kind of wondering just I just saw, still asking questiones, and thinking what I saw was a weird horror movie that still managed to scare me (and get my legs all sweaty because I was watching on my bed) even when the volume was at zero! Okay, to begin with: I know you shouldn't watch horror movies at the volume at zero, but ever since I saw Smile I tend to have the volume more now to zero than a little bit. Yes, I got scared after seeing Smile, so when I was goin g into this I knew it would be scary because someone I knew told me all about it. Even when the movie was at zero and with subtitles on, this movie scared me and got me all sweaty and tense, but when the whole movie ended I was thinking, "what did I just watch?" This movie has a plot that takes its time to unwind down. I feel like it's a slow-burn horror that takes its time to build up the scary atmosphere while also taking its time in plot making. The characters I'm not going to lie didn't leave much of any interest/impact on me, and I'm not also going to lie I might not have known 100% what this movie was unveiling so much that after I saw the movie I looked up an article that explained the movie I saw; after reading that article, everything clicked in. This movie if I probably had it on a good volume or saw it in theaters probably would have scared me even more, but in all honesty: I don't need a good scare right now. I'm still recovering over the movie Smile and how freaking scary that was! I mean, I enjoy a good horror film, and as much as this was more than scaring people, I still felt like the pacing was slow all because of its build up and taking its time in engrossing you in the film. Overall, I feel like this was a somewhat good horror film to watch even though it was a slow-burn horror that takes its time to get everything set up. I might not have found out the whole meaning in the end, but after reading that article I am satsified on what I saw even though it was a slow-pacing movie. Barbarain may not have hit big for me, but it still managed to keep the movie interesting and scary!

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Made with clear skill and confidence, this gory, creepy, topical chiller keeps its mystery under wraps for an impressively long time before revealing a monster that seems disappointingly ill-fitting. Zach Cregger's Barbarian is laid out in chapters that seem wildly disconnected at first ... until they snap together. The first chapter, with Tess and Keith -- a setup similar to the one in Gone in the Night -- mines paranoia and mistrust, especially in regards to the male-female dynamic, to an impressive degree. It's also a masterful deflection, keeping viewers guessing and offering commentary on the withering of America, depicting a ruined Detroit neighborhood that could have been saved if only someone had cared.

The second chapter, with AJ, addresses the #MeToo movement in an interesting, satirical way, showing a character who is, undeniably, an awful person, but also demonstrating the extensive damage that an accusation can do. (There's no good side to this story.) Then a weird flashback scene set in the 1980s features an eerie lens choice, creating a vast, stretched-out space and dropping more clues as to what's actually going on. But the final stretch, as characters tangle with a gross latex-suited monster that has unreasonable strength and stamina, feels like a slap in the face. It's a cheap solution to a layered and fascinating setup, a lazy borrow from films like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre or Evil Dead II. It's hard to recommend Barbarian based on this disappointing finish, but the craftsmanship -- and strong entertainment value -- of the first three-quarters is hard to deny.

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