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Parent reviews for Dope

Common Sense says

Brilliant, mature coming-of-age story explores race, class.
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Parents say

age 15+
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age 16+
Based on 11 reviews
Parent Written byDan G. June 21, 2015

Terrible Movie for both children AND adults

Where to start? Besides the full frontal nudity, acceptance of masturbation, homosexual acts, casual (irresponsible) sexual intercourse, gruesome violence, underage alcohol abuse, illegal drug abuse, and nasty language of the worst kind, this movie portrays the main character as a "really great guy" for becoming a drug dealer in order to attain the financial success that he so earnestly lusts for. The values portrayed by this movie as good are in reality the cause of the social ills that it pretends to abhor. How in the world someone could say this movie is suitable for children of ANY age is beyond me.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byalyssaw1 July 3, 2015

Missed opportunities (spoilers!)

I was hoping for an edgy comedy examining race and class in America. I did not find it here. There are some moments where I felt that they began talking about race or sexuality or drug use but then backed away. For example, Dom (drug dealer character) begins talking about Obama's use of drones in the Middle East and the potential for them to be used in the US, specifically against African Americans. An important conversation could have been had here but it is quickly deflected and we have a shootout. The Harvard-educated businessowner owns a payday loan business (notoriously exploitive) and is dealing drugs, clearly another opportunity to critique the values of Ivy League institutions and their graduates or take an uncomfortable look at what the experience of attending one of these institutions is like for someone from a lower class family. The lead character still wants to attend Harvard but frankly after his experience with this alum, we have to ask why. And why isn't he asking this question of himself? But this film does not want to make anyone uncomfortable, and no one was in our theater. "Dear White People" had the audience feeling far less safe when confronting attitudes about race and sexuality. On the upside, if you want a lighthearted comedy with some good '90s hiphop, you will enjoy this film.
Parent of a 13 and 15 year old Written bydawntb847 July 16, 2015

Excellent, thought-provoking, yet fun film

My 15-year-old daughter and I went to see this movie. We both enjoyed it very much and were impressed with the performances. It sparked a great conversation between us regarding race and privilege. The "R" rating is definitely well-deserved, but I didn't feel uncomfortable watching with my daughter. There is language, nudity, sexuality, drug-use, etc., but none of it feels gratuitous and I think it's naïve to believe that HS kids don't know about this stuff already.
Adult Written byjames007mac August 12, 2015


dope is a really a funny film you should watch it

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Adult Written bytobier April 1, 2016

It's so ironic...

...that other reviewers scold this movie for being inappropriate because it includes violence, swearing, and talk about sex (and full frontal nudity? If your child is a girl, I've got some news for you: she has definitely stood in front of a mirror before). They fact that you think this movie is so unrealistic shows how desperately it is needed. Poor kids, kids of color, minority kids, kids who are in trouble, we grow up believing there is no one like us and there is no hope for us and we have no place in the world because people think that our lives are 'inappropriate' and therefore shouldn't be seen on the big screen. Shame on anyone who thinks this way. *Deep breath.* Anyway. Great movie. Solid acting. Funny at times (the hacker friend, oh my gosh :'D). Important message.
Adult Written byaristotler December 2, 2017

A Smart Film

This is one of my favorite films of all time. Reviewers who complain about nudity, sex, drugs, and language are missing the entire point of the movie. This movie examines America in both race and class. It's not too much in any of the things people complain about. It's realistic. I think it's great for kids to watch this movie and be opened up to the way race plays a huge part in peoples' lives in America.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byDrama Teach November 11, 2015

Offers some complex characters that evade stereotypes

Although I could never show this in class in its entirety, I was moved by the acting chops of the lead character and impressed with the way the film plays with our expectations. Are there cringe-worthy scenes of sexuality and drug use to be expected from a teen flick? yes. I think reviews that suggest the Harvard drug plot is reprehensible overlook the fact that the film comments on corruption here in a way that teens might "get". It's not too "thinky" (by any means), but the protagonist's journey towards accepting himself is likely what teen viewers will remember most, if they are mature enough to critique the film, not just digest it. Also a very playful, human portrayal of the lesbian friend that (although I wish she had more focus) that felt refreshing.